Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A dresser saved and redone!

We've made it to Wednesday!!! It is a very windy Wednesday evening here. I am going to share a project that Jim did for me a little over 3 years ago. I was in need of a dresser and a friend of ours said he had one in his barn and it was mine for the taking if I came and picked up. Well, we went and looked and I saw potential but I knew I it was going to need some ok, A LOT of help. It had been in this barn for a number of years and exposed to the temperature changes that take place here, as well as, dampness. Take a look.

Definitely in need of some TLC. Keep looking.

The green arrow is pointing to my least favorite part of the whole thing!!!! It was gone quickly and would not be replaced.

An upclose look of one of the drawers. Do you see the potential?

Here is a peek at what happens after it has been sanded!

Jim sanded the whole thing down and this is what we ended up with.

The stain was picked out and applied. The picture of the dresser on its own up completion seems to be MIA, but there are plenty of pictures of this project. The following pictures have been taken since we moved into this house.
 New hardware, new color, new life! I love it!!!!!!
 In this pictures it is sitting in our living room. Life greatly improved from the time this dresser was saved until now. For that I am very thankful!!!!
This is the tag that is still on the back of it. We are relatively close to this town.
It eventually made it to the kitchen (everyone has a dresser in their kitchen don't they?).
The current look can be found here. Fun facts about the above picture...the tree skirt is my Grandmother's apron (love and miss you), the avocado tree topper, I managed to dry myself (yep still proud of that one), the coffee mugs came from Jim's Grandma and the stemware is from my other Grandma. We just might be a little sentimental in this house!!! :)
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  1. Once again I must say...WOW! You and your husband are very talented and inspirational. I love your blog and look forward to all the things you post...Have a great day! Hugs, Dawn
    PS... GREAT job on the dresser, and I have alot of things from my grandmothers also, isn't it fun?

  2. what a great redo! I am from Pa and now live in thank you for a little homey feeling!! thanks for sharing...found you via the shabby chic cottage!

  3. Totally love the dresser. Can't believe how good it looks in every room. Love the color too!

  4. Wow, I'm really impressed that you saw the potential given that first photo! It looks great!



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