Saturday, October 15, 2011

A just for fun post about our fun day

Jim and I were off together today. Our original plans were to spend the day with our friend Connie at a craft festival called Christmas in the Woods. Connie's vehicle (with less than 18,000 miles on it) broke down on her way to our house. No Connie, no Christmas in the Woods. Fortunately for Connie the picture she sent me as a text message didn't come through as an attachment or the first photo of this post would be of Connie's vehicle being put on the flatbed. We missed Connie and Christmas in the Woods will happen again next year.

I wanted to look at some things at Target so off we went. We dropped a couple things off at the post office, got some Dunkin and headed on our way. Our closest Target is about 20 minutes away. Target is also in our mall. Once done at Target we decided to walk around the mall. Here are some shots from our day.

This haunted yard is between our house and the mall. It would seem someone REALLY enjoys Halloween!

It is a place that looks cool in the dark too. I could have stood there for awhile taking it all in.  There are things I noticed in these pictures that I didn't notice while standing there taking the pics!
Onward to Target and the mall. Here are some photos from the mall. The displays inside Hallmark definitely drew us in (good job Hallmark)
Angry Birds anyone?

LOVE the guys from Prep and Landing! Make sure to check it out this holiday season if you haven't seen it yet.

This wireless band from the Peanuts is pretty cool. They each start two songs and the others join in. We stood there mesmerized for awhile. (Long enough the clerk came over to talk to us about the set)

This Snoopy house is a gift bag....are you wheels turning.  Mine are, I'm still contemplating how to do it!

And of course, Hoops and Yo Yo. The jingle on this ornament was a hoot!  Love them too!

And...the train! What has happened?  This train is WAY cooler than the trains I remember at the mall.  This goes around the concourse and the conductor even punches the tickets for each kid (and adult). We didn't ride, but I was tempted. Oddly, asking to borrow someone's child just so I could ride the train was most likely frowned upon.

From the mall we went to Hobby Lobby. Couple pics from there. Both are making the wheels turn.

This one is the The 4 Stages of Life. Cute card? Cute wooden thing. Perhaps Jim will make his take and I will make mine. :)
We had coupons and a gift card for one of our favorite places to eat. We are only a few miles from the Original Quaker Steak and Lube. Here are a couple shots from inside...

It is a Penguins Hockey Night. Let's go PENS!

After our good eats, we went after a geocache (one of our other hobbies, someday we will have a post about geocaching). If you haven't heard of it check it out here.  We had success!!!! This was our 103rd geocache and this is what it looks like...

We enjoyed our day together. We didn't end up getting the couple things I had on the list when we left the house, but we spent the day together and had a nice time! Now we are settling in for some hockey, college football and buffalo chicken dip! Sounds like a perfect day to me!! (I was going to make cards, but hanging with my honey is more important. Cards will be here tomorrow)

We hope you did something fun today! I do have some card projects to share. Perhaps I will share one tomorrow!
~Jim and Jen

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