About The J's

Meet Jynx! In this picture she is checking out the newly planted lemon grass (you should see the plant now!). The lemon flavor must appeal to her because she still chews on it now and then.
Jynx has been with us for a little over a year now (8/11). She showed up on our front porch one night last summer. She was a very very sad sight to see. We gave her some tuna and milk and she came back every night after. For the first couple weeks she only came back at night, but as time went on she would come earlier and earlier. Her time as an indoor cat started out as a few minutes at a time and increased from there.  She is an indoor/outdoor cat and is completely spoiled! Her passions in life are eating on time (she gets sassy if you are late with the food), sitting in the windows, napping and hogging the bed. We all know no one owns a cat! She has done a fine job of training us!


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