Friday, October 7, 2011

Cobwebs in the Dining Room

Hi everyone! This is the dining room post that I am linking up to All Things Spooky Linky Party I hope you will stop over and check out some of the great ideas that have been compiled here.
Like I said last week, last year was the first year that I had gone a little crazy with Halloween. I am sure there probably some people in our family that weren't necessarily okay with the decor given that the dining room furniture is all antique. In my crazy mind, the antique furniture made it the perfect backdrop! We liked it and we're the ones that looked at it every day. :)
Here's last year's dining room. Again, most of the decorative Halloween pieces came from the dollar store or the Goodwill. Here is the top of the china cabinet.
The Halloween post card is one of many that have been in Jim's family for, well, ever! When Christmas gets closer I will have to post what I did with the Christmas ones last year. Now for under the china cabinet. All tombstones from the dollar store!
The table centerpiece. The cauldron came from the thrift store (almost as good as the dollar store). The dried flowers came from a local grower at a craft show. I turned something upside down and set it inside the cauldron so Skelly would have someplace to sit. I was quite pleased with this piece!
And the buffet wall. Cobwebs, lots of cobwebs!
A closeup of the victrola
Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you will stop by All Things Thrifty and maybe even link up some of your own ideas! Happy Haunting!!!!


  1. I love the little gravestones! Looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow - looks great! Love your Halloween decor!

  3. Very spooky. Love all the cobwebs.

  4. Love the spooky cobwebs! Thank you for linking up at All Things Spooky!

  5. so glad you commented on a few of my post, because I found you and your blog, I love how you decorated your room:)I am your newest follower:)



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