Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Peace Sign Birthday Card

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! Earlier in the week was Jim's Mom's birthday. We had a weenie roast out back. Jim's Mom and Step-Dad, and Jim's Grandparents joined us out back. We, of course, had too much food. Jim's Mom LOVES the peace sign!!!

A little sidewalk chalk birthday sign.
She loved it!!

Jim's Mom is one of the easiest people for me to make cards for.
She appreciates them on so many levels.
When she has some to send, she puts some thought in to who she sends them to.
She wants to send them to people that will appreciate them as well.
Her birthday was no different. Jim and I talked about what to make and it came together like a charm!

Ready to take a look at how it came together???

This ribbon came home after a trip to Hobby Lobby.
I had Jim's Mom in mind when I bought it, but figured I could also use it for a number of things.
I hadn't used it yet.
I pulled the ribbon out and the ribbon determined the colors for the card!

I used the Disney/Pixar Cars cartridge to cut the peace sign and the circle for behind it.
I cut everything at 4.5 inches.
I did cut the peace sign twice. I want to add some dimension.
You can see in the photo above that I used foam dots (or squares actually) to give the dimension.
I used the squares between the yellow and the first peace sign and then between the two peace signs.

I added some ribbon across the top.

and a sentiment across the bottom.
The sentiment is from a set of Christmas stamps I have that is made by Fiskars.

Added some more ribbon to the inside, as well as a sentiment.

She also received A LOT of stamps on the back!!
I don't normally put that many on the back, but this was fun!!

The  front of the card and the front of the envelope.
Yep, added more ribbon there.
Apparently I was ribbon happy the other day!

Ah yes! My favorite part. If you have been here to see other cards, you know I like to add a little something to the back of my envelopes. This one was no exception.
I added a peace sign stamp (not sure who it is made by)
I also added a little quote sticker.

I think it turned out pretty cool and she LOVED it!!!!!

Yep! We sang happy birthday to her!
How fun! After cake, we sat around the fire for awhile.
It was too bad we did this on a week night. We could have sat around the fire for quite some time!!

What do you think of the card??
It was pretty simple.
If you make one, I'd love to see you share it on the Facebook page!!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

A look back at Halloween 2011

I have been contemplating my Halloween cards for the last few weeks. I thought I would take a look at what I did last year and put all of last year's Halloween posts in one place!!

He was my first Gypsy project.  Details here

Details on the pumpkins and spiders

Details on these two are here.

And if you missed the post on this year's coffin treat box, the details are here.

Have you started your Halloween projects?
Which of these is your favorite??

Thanks for stopping in!!!

Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered. Welcome to all the new followers here and on Facebook!!!!

The lucky winner of all this fun stuff.....

Geri from Sister #5 Designs! Here is the proof that rafflecopter picked Geri!!

I about fell out of my chair when her name popped up! I mean, what are the odds that the girlfriend I work with, and started blogging with, and go thrift store shopping with, the follower that lives the closest to me....would be the one that wins. Seriously???????? How does this happen??????  I guess the odds were in her favor. When I told her it was her she said "Well, at least I'm saving you the cost of postage." Smarty pants she is!!! I hadn't even thought of that. I almost feel like I need to have another giveaway, but wouldn't I feel even worse if she won that one too.

I'm still in shock and can't believe it. But Congratulations to Geri. I can't wait to see what she does with the supplies, which ones she keeps and which ones she shares with her daughter and granddaughter!

I hope you will stop over and say "Hey!" to Geri. We're big Steelers fans!!! Check out the Steelers projects Geri has recently completed. You could change them out for your favorite sports team!!!

HERE is the link to how she worked her magic in this room.

Thanks again to everyone for following!!!!
I hope you will join us on facebook and share us with your friends!!!

Congrats Geri!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We will never forget

Here are some photos from a memorial at the fire house across from Ground Zero. These were taken in April 2010 when we were in NYC.

Not forgotten!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Happy Hauntings Coffin

Something about that title just made me chuckle! You? Over the weekend one of my besties came to visit!! {yay me!!} You can read more about that HERE

We put together one of the boxes from Sweet Tooth Boxes. She decorated it for Halloween. That must have been what I needed to get me going. I have been looking at cartridges and stamps and blogs and Google and then just not knowing where to start. You know the many ideas you don't know which one to pick first!!! Top that off with we are still processing produce from the garden so crafting is still playing second fiddle.

Perhaps the ball is rolling now!!!! We can hope! It started by cutting out the skeleton from the Happy Hauntings cartridge. I cut the skeleton at 4 inches. I cut the main cut and the shift cut. I do not have a picture of this stage. I didn't realize these two projects were going to come together. I can tell you that each bone is a separate piece. Not sure why I thought they wouldn't be, but they are!!!

I cut the skellies and put them together. Ok, I confess. I cut four and put ONE together. The other 3...well...I did glue on their head and rib cage. The other bones ended up in a pile in the "garbage pail." (Yes I keep a little fry bucket on my desk for garbage...if I remember I will take a picture sometime). Perhaps I just didn't have the patience. Anywho. My mind seems to be going in so many directions I can't keep a thought for more than a second. I do apologize. I cut them at 4 inches so I could put them on a card, but I wasn't sure how the rest of the card was going to look, so they sat.

THEN!!!! I cut out the coffin.

The 3D coffin is found on page 72 of the handbook.

I cut the coffin, both parts that I have arrows pointing to, at 11.5 inches.

Cut out and waiting for "life"

Folded and creased.

Folded and put together.
It is big enough inside to put oh, maybe some new pens for your child's teacher.

I adhered ribbon around the "lid"

Here is the skellie!!! I used two different stamps for the Trick of Treat sign.
I think it would be cute with a bow tied around it and presented as a gift to someone.
What do you think???
It could also be a fun card or an invitation.
How would you use this??
**10/3 Update: for additional pictures of the coffins please look here and here. There will be another post about them showing them all packed up. Stay tuned.

Partying here:

Stuff and Nonsense Friday's Unfolded

Good times with good friends!

Over the weekend a Bestie and her hubs came to visit!! {yay us} We had a couple game plans lined up since the weather was supposed to be 100% rain, but we hoping the weather man was WRONG!!! I know! I know!!! The weather man (or lady) is NEVER EVER wrong. Anywho!

We were hoping we were going to get to tour this beautiful mansion that is just a few blocks from us.
However, there was a wedding on Saturday and they don't offer tours when they have weddings.
Here's a peek at the mansion though. Maybe someday I can blog about it.

The weather did clear up! We were able to get out and about.
We went for a little ride around town. Usually when they are here, it is dinner time, later in the year and it gets dark earlier which means it is dark. We also did some geocaching.  You can read about another of our geocaching adventures HERE!

This is taken from "The West Hill"
Those buildings you can see clustered, right of center, they are on the main street into downtown.

Also taken from "The West Hill" 
Overlooking a plant that is fortunate enough to still be in production

This one is more of the clouds all lined up.
Definitely a fall looking sky.
You can see some more mill.
This whole area used to be mills. 

Train tracks that go to and through the mills that are still in production!

A look at one of the mill buildings.

We made our way back to BUHL PARK

A neat looking tree!
This is where our geocaching adventure began.

Ah yes! He found it and walked away and didn't tell her.
She's still looking for it.
Look at the grin on his face.

This is the view from the gazebo in the park.
Pretty good looking day for one that started out as a wash out and was supposed to continue that way!!

Here is Jim opening a cache we found outside the park.

This is the hiding spot.
You don't understand how we found that??
Well, we had looked for this one before and walked past it at least twice!!!

We came home and baked up some homemade jalapeno poppers and we made our own stromboli!

This was before they went in the oven.
At this point, there may or may not have been some wine consumption.

After dinner the guys watched football and the girls came into the craft space.
We made a Halloween house for the Bestie!

We used the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge.
We cut box number 4 found on page 26.
We cut it at 10 like the book suggests.
We failed to make the cut twice which resulted in me holding half the house and saying
That led to lots of laughter!!!! (Sorry guys if we disturbed the game!! ok, not really)

We're both a little odd, so I hope you weren't hoping to see this house done in a traditional manner!!!
{smiley face}

The flames over the door is actually the grass cut turned upside down. Clever huh??
I think it turned out fun!!!

We do recommend that you adhere all trim pieces BEFORE you glue the house together!

This is a fine example of why you should take more than one photo!
What a difference between the two!!

We had so much fun and all too soon it was too late and everyone was sleepy and they had an hour drive home and we never got a picture of the two of us. I was going to share an older picture of us, but that was on the laptop before this one and therefore that picture is on a cd. /sigh
Guess what that means?? We'll have to get together AGAIN!!!!! 

Anywho!!! We had a great time and had some good laughs!!!!
When was the last time you spent some time with a bestie????



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