Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome Fall! Part 2

Hello Blogger Friends! I have found the dining room!!! I sure hope I am not the only one that makes such a message when redecorating the house. The bathroom needs some finishing touches, or maybe it has the finishing touches and needs the big stuff, either way it isn't finished, but the couple pieces left to go in there don't make too much of a mess! I have my ladder in the living room left to decorate and then I think that is it. Then it will be time to take the totes back upstairs until October when it will be time to do it all over again for Halloween.

Remember the drawers? The free ones? Here is how one of them got put to use!

There use to be a couple crates on this dresser.  The cycle begins.  They were displaced to make room for the drawer.  The crates now sit here!
 YEP! I was serious, I had the big ladder out!!!! I am way too short to reach on top of those cupboards!
On to the dining room. This is my favorite time of year for our dining room. The colors of fall go perfectly with the light!

 Yep! That is a victrola in the corner! Between both our families we have been given some pretty cool treasures that have been around for quite some time and have pretty neat stories to go along with them!
 I must confess that for some reason I was amazed by myself with how this turned out!

Patches wanted to be in another picture so he made his way into the dining room!

This is how we are welcoming fall! It has been too many days since I've played with paper so maybe the next post will have a paper creation.

As always, Thanks for stopping  by. Let us know you were here. Have a good week!!
~Jim and Jen


  1. Hi friend! Stopped by to say hello! WOW!!!! Your decorating is "off the chain" lol Great job, you can come decorate my home anytime! HaHa I love all your antiques also. My mom has her Victorola also, good memories. You have a beautiful home, and yes, Welcome Fall!!!!! Have a great week!

  2. I love the drawer. It looks awesome right where you have it. I see the crate peaking out there too. I knew it would be perfect in your house. Patches looks pretty comfortable in your house too. Keep up the good work, I need to get busy your are showing me up.



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