Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coloring the Blog World Pink for Cure!

Today I am linking up to the Artsy Girl Connection. Marilyn is having a blog hop party and it is all about pink, hope, faith, courage, awareness, etc in hopes of growing awareness around breast cancer. Please follow the link at the bottom of this post to see more posts and the others that are participating!

Breast Cancer is a fight for all. Friends, family and acquaintances all fight in some way! Support groups are needed and can be amazing! More than one person in my circle of friends and family have been part of the breast cancer fight. Keep Calm and Fight On! You don't have to do it alone!!!

My Great Aunt had breast cancer. To memorialize her fight with breast cancer her daughters and granddaughters got these tattoos. (designed by one of the granddaughters) {heart}

I found the following tattoos on Pinterest....
no source listed

no source listed

My Grandma also had breast cancer. She was told she wouldn't get to see her three kids grow up. She proved those doctors WRONG! She lived to see her Granddaughters grow up to be 28 and 32. GO GRANDMA!! My Grandma was definitely a fighter and had been all her life.

Here is a photo of my Grandparents, my Mom, my Aunt and my Uncle from 1967

The day we celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary

They even danced on this day! It was quite a sweet moment.

Grandma had fought for a lifetime (against one thing or another). 3 months after this picture was taken Grandma didn't have the strength to fight anymore. She sure did prove those doctors wrong though. Like I said before, she was told she wouldn't see her kids grow up. She not only watched them grow up, she watched her Granddaughters grow up and she celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary! Perhaps the stubborn trait I have inherited isn't a bad thing!

A pair of Grandma's ear rings...

I made a card for breast cancer awareness.

The inside says "Don't forget to get your hooters checked."
The picture of the inside was blurry or I would have shared it.

There are plenty of facts and statistics out there. I know they are included in some of the blog posts that are part of the hop. It isn't something to take lightly. Keep Calm, fight on and get your hooters checked!

Supporting The Fighters
Admiring The Survivors
Honoring the Taken
{hugs, kisses to my taken, my survivors and my fighters. i do know and love people in all three categories}

I am also linking up here Sunday's Best Linky Party!  

xoxo Jen


  1. Wow, what a great memory to have of your grandma. SUCH a fighter!! I love hearing these kinds of stories - where everyday people fight against the odds and live a life full of love. Great post!! So glad I found you through the blog hop!

  2. Wow, this is such an amazing story to share, I LOVE all your features. You grandmother was a beautiful woman.. I especially LOVE the tattoo you ladies got in her honor. How unique and fantastic..Beautiful post..
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining in Project Pink Today. It means SO much to me and I am very grateful you joined in with all the wonderful women today to make this day such an amazing and beautiful awareness day.. TY TY SO MUCH!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. ~Marilyn


  4. This was a touching post, and one that we are all touched you shared with us. My grandma also died of breast cancer. Love the tatoo's always a reminder that of the love you had for her. Thanks so much for sharing this post at Sunday's Best. I am now a blog friend and following.

  5. Great story about your grandmother! I miss mine terribly. She was my mentor... I love the card you made for breast cancer. Awesome sentiment. Hugs, Dawn



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