Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eat More Ham!

The Halloween mess scraps and supplies are put away. Out of sight out of mind right? At least for now. I do have a stack of cards sitting here waiting for me to mail them. I don't understand why they don't jump right into those envelopes and address themselves.  Oh well.

Some of our wonderful friends and family are already asking Christmas cards. (I do like how they think ahead!! That means if I am rushed it is MY fault) Before I started on Christmas cards I HAD to make some turkey cards!  That I did! I will also be making more because the ones that I had been working on are all gone. YAY ME!!!!!! The turkeys or is it turkies, no one seems to be able to tell me. This is how they started!

The cuts are from Create A Critter! Love that cartridge!!!! Now let's take a look at the finished ones shall we?

Cute huh? The stamp on the envelope is from Lawn Fawn, as is the inside sentiment. The inside says Happy Turkey Day. You can see that stamp in this post. His sign was cut from the Walk In My Garden cartridge.
Eat More Ham was stamped with my new Martha Stewart Crafts custom stamp setting kit.

(image from Google Images search)

I was all excited about this product at the store the night I bought it.  I then brought it home and wondered if I had made a foolish purchase. It definitely wasn't foolish. I made my own stamp, that can't be foolish! I have two other stamps ready to go. One of them is for the Halloween cards that are STILL sitting here outside of their envelopes! :)

Here are the turkeys/turkies again. 

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  1. Eat more ham!!! Hahaha! Love it!! This card is too cute.

    Thanks for stopping by today :)

  2. Lovin the turkeys, Create A Critter is a great cartridge. I love your sentiment, great job, Jen.

  3. These are awesome cards! Love them!

  4. OMG, these are adorable!! Thanks for linking up to "It's Mingle Time!" I'm following you back now. What a fun blog you have here! :)

  5. love your Thanksgiving turkeys. So cute!! I also really love your blog!

  6. These Thanksgiving cards are SO cute!!! Love them! Thanks for stopping by A Mother and A Daughter and commenting today! ~ Barbara



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