Sunday, July 31, 2011

Have you repurposed?

Have you repurposed? Turned something old into something new? Found a new use for something old. We find repurposing fun! There are a few things in the following picture that have been repurposed.
1. The shutter! We picked up a handful of shutters for a couple $$ at a yard sale.
2. The 'shelf supports' are from an old wooden bed frame. I was to the point of wanting to get rid of it, boy am I glad someone talked me out of that!!!
3. The 'hook's...old window hardware.
4. The small crow on the left side of the shelf...made from pallet wood!
5. The crow's base, part of that above mentioned bed frame! yep, super glad I didn't end up tossing it!
We saved some space in the landfill and gained a pretty cool shelf and a crow shelf sitter!

What are your thoughts on repurposing?
Thanks for stopping by ~Jen

Friday, July 29, 2011

Love from the beach

We did some shopping on this Friday evening and then went for a ride. We traveled some roads we hadn't traveled before and enjoyed ourselves while doing so. Progress has done so much for us, but yet, progress could probably be considered our own worst enemy. It was nice being one of a handful of cars on the road. We stopped at The White Turkey Drive-In in Conneaut, OH and had a very tasty meal and dessert. Visit them here. From there we drove to our favorite beach in Conneaut, OH. While Jim was looking at some driftwood, I took this picture. It was a pretty cool find on our pretty cool Friday Night.
Hope you did something fun on this Friday night. ~Jen

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My first Challenge Entry!!! The Fantabulous Cricut Challenge #70

The challenge is to create a project with a melon or another fruit. I made a watermelon card! I am pretty pleased with it since it was the first shape card I had made. No better way to learn than by just giving it a try!!

Cricut Cartridge: Stretch Your Imagination. The watermelon was cut at 7 inches.

Thanks again for stopping by! See you soon ~Jen

Taking the jump into the world of blogging!

Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am brand new to this, but ya have to start somewhere right? This is going to be my place to share my creations, mostly paper crafts, and to share about the things that make me happy. Papercrafting, repurposing and The J's are definitely all things that make me smile. The J's being Jim, my biggest supporter and Jynx, our black cat. I am sure they will both appear in posts every now and again. Well, I have figured out to make a post, now I need to figure out how to include a picture, there is a challenge over at I want to enter!
Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you will come back to check out the progress!

:) Jen


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