Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have you repurposed lately?

Here's a little something for those that aren't as excited about the paper crafts as some of us are. I get it and I'm not offended. I'm just glad you are stopping by/back by!

We had a pig roast at my Granddad's this past summer. Friends, family and good food - it had to be a good time right? It was! Sunday morning as we were finishing clean up, I walked into the garage. Something sparked me to look up. Up I looked and in the rafters of my Granddad's garage was the crib my Mom, my Aunt, and my Uncle slept in as babies.  Go ahead, you can do a little happy dance. I know I did.

Just because it was there didn't mean it was coming home with me. My Grandfather doesn't like to part with his things. I understand that.  I can also appreciate that.  However, this was in the garage.... I went and found my Mom and my Aunt and we all looked up and carried on a conversation about the crib. Mom decides she's gonna ask Granddad if we can bring the crib home with us. *if you have started to chuckle, you are right on the money*  Mom asks if Jim and Jennifer can take the crib home with them.  My Granddad get this look, actually I think it was multiple looks at one time on his face. He stutters a bit, laughs, smiles and looks at me and says "Are you trying to tell us something Jennifer?" Now everyone is laughing.

We 'rescue' the crib (all pieces and they are all there). It was like our own "American Pickers" - the home game. Crib saved, memories made, let's make the couple hour drive home.

Last weekend we finally did something with part of the crib.  Yes, we! Jim drilled the holes and brought the piece downstairs. {thank you}

 Here's a peek.

Had to get a picture of it before it went on the wall right?

and then of course one once it was on the wall

and then it stayed like this for a few days
hey! I knew I wanted the wreath on it, but hadn't thought about the rest of it

This is the current solution to 'the rest of it'
I have a couple ideas in mind that require some construction so...

vintage valentines and mini clothespins {smile}

here is a little more info on the shutter shelf. Once I found the link I had to chuckle.
This was one of the first blog posts ever.
Still a cute shelf though!

What do you think? I hope you will leave a comment.
I also hope to see you again soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

You're dino-mite! Create A Critter Valentine #7

This post is short and sweet! This card uses the dinosaur found on page 50 of the Create A Critter handbook.

The card is a 4x5 card.
The background paper is from the All About Boys DCWV stack.
The sentiment was made by using stamps from a couple Paper Studio sets.
I cut the dino and all three of his layers - 4 cuts total.
I think this would make a great birthday card for a boy too.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a dino-mite weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We'll Owl-ways be friends. Create A Critter Valentine #6

Hi Everyone! I'm back with another Create A Critter Valentine! This time I am sharing the owl. There are so many options for this little guy. I went simple. The owl is found on page 25 of the Create A Critter Handbook.
The cards in this post are different sizes and all paper came from my stash. Here are the different cards. While each card has a different look, the owl was cut at the same size of 3.5 inches.

I did make the cuts for the nose and feet. I decided I didn't like them for this project.
I used glitter glue for the nose.

I cut the main cut and layers 1 and 2.

I used a couple stamp sets to come up with the sentiment on some cards.

I used Word and our printer to make the sentiments for other cards.

The insides of all cards were stamped with Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you will leave a comment and let me know you were here!

'til next time ~ Jen

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Create A Critter Valentine #5

Here is another Create A Critter Valentine, as promised!

This is the octopus found on page 42 of the Create A Critter handbook.
The octopus and all cuts were made at 3 inches.
I did not use his spy glass.
I ran the red layer through my Sizzix Texture Boutique, this is how he got his 'bumps'
The background paper is from the same boys DCWV stack.
The sentiment was created in Word and printed.
The card is a premade 4x5 card.
I ran his hat and all the parts through the Xryon sticker maker Steph got me for Christmas. 
{AWESOME!} the sticker maker and Steph!

I was so proud of myself for this other sentiment, I sat here and giggled like a little girl for quite awhile!

I have made Valentine's with Owl and am working on some with the dog.
I also have one from the Walk In My Garden cart to share.
There will be more!

I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Robot Valentine...Nuts a bolt you!

Sunday evening is here again. Why do these weekends go so quickly? I hope all of you have had a great weekend!

There are still more Create A Critter Valentine's to share but today I want to share a robot valentine. I used the Wrap It Up cartridge.

The striped paper and the blue paper with the white polka dots...DCWV.
All other paper from the stash with an unknown origin. :)

The robot was cut using the card feature on page 40 of the Wrap It Up Handbook.

I cut the robot at 4.75 inches. I used my Gypsy to hide all the little cuts for the robot base.
The second robot was cut out as is in the picture.

This meant only two cuts vs. the four cuts if you used the main cut on the page.
I didn't want these robots to be that involved.

Lift up the flap with the riddle and you find the answer!

I inked around the edges of each of the robots.
Not quite sure why, but this made me smile.

"I'm nuts a bolt you!" Get it? I'm nuts about you?
I crack myself up at times.
What is even funnier is watching people read the card.
You can tell when they get it! :-)

Here is a look at the inside of some of the cards.
I could take credit for how neat the blue rectangles look...but it happened by ACCIDENT!
I opened up my Stampin' Up ink bad and the two pieces came apart and the ink pad part of it landed ink side down. I'm pretty sure a dirty word went through my head.  BUT THEN...
I picked it up and I was like maybe we can make this work. So I got out an orange pigment pad and stamped all over the place. I didn't hate it so I stamped the Happy Valentine's Day like I had originally planned.
I liked it enough to do it on a few other cards too. It is nice when an "oops" turns into "oh cool"

I couldn't get my ink pad to go back together so I searched for a video.
This video was quite helpful and my ink pad is now back together *THE RIGHT WAY*


What do you think of the robot using the Cricut Wrap It Cartridge? Have you played with this cartridge much? I have some new cartridges waiting for me to play with them. I am also thinking I want to provide a list of my cartridges to you, my awesome followers, and see which one you would like to explore next. What are your thoughts on that?

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope the robot has inspired you to tell someone you are nuts a bolt them!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  ~Jen

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Valentine's Clothesline...Have you repurposed lately?

Well, well, well! Winter has hit. The tracks that I made when I pulled in the driveway about 2 1/2 hours ago...gone. A possible 4 inches tonight. Thankful to be working from home tomorrow.

So I saw a picture on Pinterest and it "pinspired" me.  Amazing right?  It inspired me to show Jim the picture and ask him to make something similar. I was inspired and didn't have to do the work...perhaps I should think about this concept :)

Here is the pin:

here is the link for the blog owner that had this on Pinterest. 
{thank you for the pinspiration}

Here is what Jim had to say when I asked him to write a little something:

So Jen asked me to come up with a set of “pillars” that she could turn into a “clothesline” for a decorative piece. She showed me a picture she had found online of what prompted the thought and I set off for my basement shop to get started. I always try to keep useable scrap in case it can be utilized in another project. I, also, am always on the lookout for things that can be repurposed, dismantled, etc. I went through inventory and found two spindles that I came across at a yard sale that I suppose were originally destined to be table legs. I combined them up with two pieces of wood I had left over from demolishing an old wooden bedframe we had found at a thrift store and a couple pieces of scrap I had laying around. Painted up in a neutral color that can be used for multiple seasons, add in a couple hooks for tying the line and there you have it.

Easy enough right? I hope so. He forgot to take pictures as he was moving along. I am a-ok with that because the project is done and I L-O-V-E it!!!! 
Here's the finished product.

You either love it or think I am crazy at this point.
Let's tie the line between the two and see what you think next.

This photo was definitely taken the other day because there hasn't been any sun today.
Here's what it looks like now:

Pin It

I know! Cute right!!!!
All because of an idea from Pinterest!
The post card are vintage post cards from the very early 1900's. There are many more around the house.
I keep tucking them here and there. I have a bunch tucked into the greenery on the mantel.

another look

I definitely am liking this project. It is more than a Valentine's Clothesline. 
The clothesline can change colors and the pillars can be moved to other places (like the mantel)...

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will leave a comment or two! 
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Good Evening Everyone!

I do have more Valentines to share with you (as promised) but I am a little brain dead this evening. I went to fill up the sugar bowl and poured dumped the rest of the bag into my cup instead. That was like sign number three that this was not going to be a productive evening.

I don't know what combination of things led to it, but I am exhausted today. I get to work from home a couple days a week (hel-lo pj's). Today was an office day. I have noticed lately that it seems to be more tiring to go to the office. There are a couple reasons I can think of... 1. I have roughly a 30 minute drive each way. 2. Everyone is at the office so my brain is processing far more by being in the office than being at home. 3. well, I don't know. (I just giggled at myself here). This past week I worked from home Thursday and Friday, was off Saturday and Sunday for the weekend, and then had yesterday off for the holiday. Perhaps it is just shock that has me exhausted.

anywho... I do want to get a little more personal, but ramblings of what makes an office day tiring isn't why you come here. The weekend was very productive. LOTS of valentines were completed. Jim made me something based off of a picture I saw somewhere in blogland. I am going to have peruse my computer history to find the picture so I can give credit for the inspiration when I blog about it. Jim even typed part of what will be that blog post. :) I need to get the before pictures off of his camera.  We did a few more projects around here, most of them blog material. yay!!!!

On to the squirrels. We have a couple squirrel bird feeders in the side yard. We get lots of enjoyment watching the birds and the squirrels eat from the feeders and from the ground.  When the birds actually manage to fill a feeder it is quite impressive because these squirrels tend to dominate. Take a look at our squirrel friends.

I waited and waited for the third one to show up. He(she)
usually sits on the corn feeder. no luck on this day

see him sitting in the tree?

bottoms up

look at how red their bellies are

One of my favorite things about snow...all the little footy prints left behind

a sneak peak at the project Jim worked on for me.

a sneak peek at something else that happened this weekend. yay!!!!
hint: this will be a "have you repurposed lately?" post

If you read this far you are an AWESOME blog friend and I thank you. To say thank you I am sharing
this picture because it is true...

I "whale-y" like and each and every one of you who stop by, even for the briefest of moments.
The whale is also from the Create a Critter cartridge. 
The cut has a water spout coming from the blow hole, I cut that off.
I used Word to print the sentiment.
This cut would be great for baby cards.

Thanks again for stopping by!
Hopefully tomorrow is a more creative or at least, a more productive blog day.
Good night everyone!!!!
hugs ~~ Jen

Friday, January 13, 2012

Create A Critter Raccoon Valentine (Valentine #3)

As promised the Create a Critter Raccoon. This little bandit is on page 33 of the handbook.

This cute lil guy and his layers were cut at 3.5 inches.
I did not cut layer 3.
The card is a 4x6 card.
The inside of the card is stamped with a "Happy Valentine's Day" stamp.

Let's take a look at our {love bandit} layer by layer shall we?

The stripes for his tail gave me some fits as far as getting them where they belonged. That could be 
a combination of 1. I had been crafting a little too long the day I worked on him and
2. I did a good job of getting adhesive everywhere but where it belonged! ...imagine...

I think he turned out pretty cute. I couldn't decide between "You stole my heart" and "Love bandit." 
Jim said "love bandit" and it totally works!!!!!
The stamp is an alphabet set, the same set used to make the love bug saying found here.

One more look!

I inked the edges of the love bandit paper/cardstock.
I also inked the edges of the card.

Create a Critter is definitely a fun cartridge. I have had fun exploring it. Up next will be the frog and the owl.
Thanks for stopping by. Please leave some comment love. How are your Valentine projects coming?

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Create A Critter Ladybug Valentine

Here is Valentine #2. It was made using the ladybug cuts on page 66 of the Create a Critter handbook. I cut the ladybug, layer 1 and layer 2 - all were cut at 3.75.  Using my gypsy I was able to fit all cuts on two 12x12 cutting mats.

"love bug" was made from a couple The Paper Studio clear stamp sets.
I inked around the edges of the love bug paper.
The background paper was something that was in my drawer. :)
After looking at the pictures, I think I am going to add glitter glue to the heart on this one too.

The next one will be the raccoon. He is super cute. I actually have pictures of him and his layers.
Thanks for stopping by!

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