Sunday, October 9, 2011

It is Fall in PA

Hi! Not many projects were completed this weekend (it happens). I took a couple days off from my full time job to do some projects and get some fall-before winter comes sorts of things done and well, not a whole lot of any of that happened. I managed to get my first cold of the season and I didn't have the urge to do a whole of ANYTHING! (it happens)
Those couple days combined with the weekend weren't a total bust, but they definitely weren't what I had in mind when I knew I wasn't working for a couple days. During my short bursts of energy I would get a little bit done. We did go for a couple local rides to see the fall colors. We will do better this week to get some really nice shots. Most of these shots were taken while the car was moving.

We will work on some better shots this week. The weather looks like it should cooperate with those plans, at least for a couple days! We hope everyone has a good week! Hopefully we will have some projects pictures soon! ~Jen and Jim (and Jynx)


  1. So pretty! The leaves have changed here in Nebraska, but then we had a couple of crazy windy days and they mostly blew off. LOL.

  2. Beautiful pictures. One of the only good things about living in Western PA is the pretty fall colors. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Very pretty, I'm from PA also, we really do have a beautiful Fall! Have a wonderful day!



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