Monday, October 31, 2011

A 30 Thirty Sucks! Gift

Our friend Nikki recently turned 30. While I truly believe that my life started at 30, everyone poked fun at me turning 30 and we all poke fun at others turning 30...Nikki's 30th wasn't any different. Ok, except that she celebrated hers this weekend (together with Halloween).

I wanted to do something fun and different. For Dallas' 40th we made the May Your 30's R.I.P. flower bouquet. For Steph's 30th we made her a survival kit (the blog didn't exist yet, I guess I need to put some pictures together to make a post about it). 30 Sucks it was!! Here is how it started...

Get it? Thirty Sucks!

Not so fancy looking. I admit it! 
Let's add some finishing touches and see what you think.

 Still not done, but getting closer! You can see her party invitation in the background.

Nikki came to work on Friday dressed as an ear of corn. I, of course, had to roll with it. There are lots of cute cuts on the Smiley Cards cartridge, but they aren't necessarily a cut you are going to use everyday! Thanks Nikki for giving me a reason to cut this...

I think he is CUTE!!!!!!!

So here is the end result for Nikki's 30 sucks gift. 30 Suckers in a basket made all cutsie!

 I put the corn cob on a popsicle stick and added him to the basket.  Nikki loves ice cream *what girl doesn't* so it was a great time to use the ice cream cone cut.

Nikki~ It has been my experience that 30 doesn't suck. That is truly when my life started! It had some bumps (and always will) But I know so much more about myself now and things are working out just great!!! Sure, there are parts that aren't ideal, but you can make the best of it and live each day to the fullest or you can complain about it and be unhappy. I choose to make the best of it (even if people disagree with my/our choices) and hope you will choose to the make the best of  it too! You are a strong and beautiful woman. Your dreams are waiting for you and no one but you can pursue them! (just be sure to send a post card now and then!) I am grateful I have been blessed with the opportunity to call you my friend! xoxo

I hope the same for my blogger friends. Life truly is what you make of it. There are people I know that aren't happy if they aren't complaining. That takes too much work and gains you a reputation. Surround yourself with happy people that don't create drama and your world can be a wonderful place to be!

~Til next time ~ Jen
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  1. I had seen this on Pinterest and thought it was adorable! Glad you did it justice!

  2. What a neat idea! I really like the basket with the suckers, they almost look like roses the way that you placed them. Oh to be 30 again! This might be even more dramatic for the 50 and older crowd!



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