Thursday, October 20, 2011

A witches shoe and candy corn - the last of the Halloween Cards

I found my desk earlier. Don't worry it didn't last long. I put all the Halloween goodies in their respective places and I bet it wasn't 15 minutes before the work space was covered in 'stuff' again. I am blogging so I am not tempted to rush the Stickles dry on the birthday card that created the new layer of creative mess! If I am pleased with the birthday card I will share it soon!

What I am sharing tonight is the last (as far as I know, anyhow) of the Halloween cards. These two were pretty fun. I should have taken a picture of the one sitting on the coffee table that I am unhappy with and I bet one of you would have been able to offer a suggestion on what to do with it. Maybe that will be a post of its own. Anyway, these two cards I had fun with.  We're talking about glitter, candy corn and shoes, what's not to like? This first picture is of two candy corn, pretty basic 'finish' to them. Jim thought the bows looked like ribbons in their hair (good thing that was the look I was going for!!!)
The cheeks on the two above are colored with those fabulous Martha Stewart Glitter Markers! LOVE 'EM!
Things get a little more technical from here...The unfinished shoe

The finished shoe and a sparkly candy corn!!!!!! Do you see how I had fun?

All cards were stamped on the inside with Happy Halloween. The sentiment on the outside of the shoe was handwritten. The papers on the shoe are Bazzill and Cloud 9 Designs.

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Halloween has been fun, but I am getting the itch to move on. I am sure there will be random card here or there between now and the end of the month and that is fine, but time to broaden our horizons!!! I need to share our new candy thermometer with you, the birthday card (if I like it), those freebies are still sitting in the garage waiting for someone to look at them and love them.......and whatever else that could distract me along the way! Thanks for stopping by! We've almost made it to Friday!!! Please leave a comment so we know you were here!
~Jen and Jynx (she is sitting on my feet)


  1. I'm lovin these cards!!!! Great job. The witch sentiment is awesome. I always dress up as a witch on Halloween. (not because I am one) lol

  2. Maybe a bad witch wouldn't, but I'd sure like a pair! Love the candy cane, not scary, but darlingly cute! Thanks for stopping by my Sunday's Best party! Look forward to seeing more of your work.



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