Thursday, October 6, 2011

Have you repurposed lately?

A couple weeks ago we went to our friend Steph's to help her give her kitchen some character! I packed up a box of "tools", yard sale purchases, ideas etc and Jim packed a tool bag and off we went.  Here we are going to share with you the pictures for two of the projects! We had fun, spent some quality friend time together and made some memories!

At one point we had one of those three tea light candle boxes with the little rocks around the know the one I'm talking about. It just wasn't working anywhere it was put.  I took the candle holders and put them in the cupboard, pitched the little stones (they made a mess anyway) and tucked the box that held all of it away for "something." The something that we don't know what it is, but one day it will come to us. YEP! That one.  Well the one day came when we started talking about Steph's kitchen and she wanted to do a wine theme. Steph's Mom provided us with the corks (Thanks Peg!)

If only I had a picture of the look on Steph's face when I put the empty candle box on the table and told her my idea. She thought I was nuts! Jim might have thought I was nuts too because I left him in charge of putting the corks inside! A couple of weird looks and an unknown number of thoughts later this is the wine cork project.

Jim did a test run before hot gluing the corks in. Once  had the design he took the corks out and set the design on the table and then glued them in one by one. This is a look at it part way done! Looking good!

All the corks in! Jim trimmed some of the corks to help them fit!

Hot glued some jute around the box! Steph braided some jute together to make the hanger for the piece.

The leaves and grapes are from another piece in the stash that her Mom had given her! That was our trick for covering up the nail in the wall!!!! :)

Project number two was completed by Jim at our house. He took measurements and made some sketches Friday night and Saturday morning he got up and brought them to life. What to use? What to use? Let's have a look in the "inventory", shall we?
Look at all those projects in one place! LOVE IT!!!!
Jim picked the shutter from above and cut it to the dimensions that he had written down the night before. This is the piece we he didn't use for the shelf (give you one guess why I am not showing the piece he did use...)
Look at it all dusty. While dust is part of the fun it was time to transform this shutter into something new and exciting and that is exactly what Jim did! From drab to fab!

We went shopping for 'hooks' for the shelf and found an amazing deal. The 'hooks' were on clearance for $1.24 each.  We like bargains!
...and Steph's Facebook post said "I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new shelf!" WE love YOU, Steph! It was fun to hang out and help out.
Have you repurposed lately and if so, what?
Thanks for stopping by. We love reading your comments! Have a great day!!!
~Jim and Jen


  1. Love how you transformed these pieces and reused them! That shelf is adorable! I have a stash in the garage that's become my "shopping" space, so I can shop my stash before buying new stuff.

  2. You guys are so talented and crafty you make me sick... lol lol lol NO, kidding aside, your projects always turn out so wonderful. I love the "shutter shelf". Keep up the good work, I enjoy visiting you very much!

  3. Hey Ladies! Thanks for stopping by AND leaving kind words! Have a great weekend!!!!

  4. Totally Love the wine cork deco box, but the shutter shelf is awesome too. Tell Mr. Jim I am very impressed.

  5. Love these! The cork box is great! Love the shutter shelf, and the grape knobs!

  6. Great idea with the corks! It looks great.



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