Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nap time with Jynx!

Unlike today, it was very sunny here on Sunday!! I was making cards in the office and had the blinds pulled up. Jynx was on the window sill in the office within minutes. Since she was so happy in the window I went and put up the blind in bedroom.

She was one happy (and warm) cat during her Sunday nap!!

and she managed to stretch out just a little more...

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Friday, February 24, 2012

One stamp, many St. Patrick's Day cards!

I've been busy stamping, coloring, adhesive-ing (new word!!!)! Last night I finished up a bunch of St. Patrick's Day cards. I used the Stampendous! Lucky Fluffles stamp. He's a cutie! It amazes me how one stamp and some accessories can look so different.  Let's take a look shall we?!

All stamps were colored the same.
I used the Martha Stewart glitter marker to color his shamrock and the gold buckle of his hat.
The green and the black on the hat ... Stampin' Up! watercolor pencils and then blended.

MOST of the paper, including the cards themselves, is from Canvas Home Basics from Hobby Lobby.
The other paper is from the scrap drawer. Have I ever mentioned I have too many of those scrap drawers?

Since I had quite a few cards I put them in collages over at Picnik. I sure am going to miss them come April.

Here are the rest of the cards!!!

A thank you card

Two birthday cards

...and a BUNCH of Happy St. Patty's Day cards...

...I DID say a bunch...

On the inside, the cards look similar to this.
Each one a little different, but similar.

The sentiment stamp is from Hampton Art.
The shamrock is from Stampabilities.

I think they turned out cute. This was only my second time using buttons on cards.
I'm quite happy with how they turned out.

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Have a great weekend!!!
I have since found a website that sums it all up for me! I do have issues!!!!!
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pallet wood upcycled into an American Flag

Hello to all of my wonderful blog friends! Tomorrow is Friday -- woo hoo!!! Did you have a short work week this week? Do short weeks sometimes seem longer than 'normal' weeks?

The project I am sharing today is one I've been wanting to share for awhile but we needed to 1. go to Jim's Mom's for pictures of the project in its place of honor and 2. have a camera with us when at Jim's Mom's and 3. be there during daylight hours. Parts one and two weren't too hard, my camera is almost always with us. The third point was the hardest one, at least during the winter months when it gets dark so early.

A number of years back I purchased an American Flag at a local craft show. Jim kept saying he wanted to copy it.  Back in the fall, Jim's Mom had a birthday. Copy the flag he did.  Here's the one I purchased at Shaker Woods.

I was going to crop both of these pictures to show the flag but then thought each picture tells it own story, so... I didn't crop them and you get these stories plus the story of the new flag. 
Lucky you.  Thanks for reading!!!!!!
The above picture was taken our first fall in this house. So much to say. I mean look at that beautiful front door. I know each of you are jealous you don't have a front door that looks that  good! This was also before
I painted the fireplace. I think I've told that story somewhere on the blog, but long story short, Jim woke up our first Thanksgiving morning to me watching the parade painting the fireplace! "morning honey!"
Don't worry, we had previously discussed it. 

At some point we acquired a mirror from my Dad's garage and it became the focal point for the mantel. The flag was now displaced. Jim had made the two shelves in the above picture. Prior to the flag hanging here there was a print here and the print and the shelves didn't really work well together. Print down, flag up.
Notice the napping Jynx on the back of the couch?

On to the copy cat flag. Jim took measurements of this one and made himself a sketch and off the basement he went to make his own creation.  Where did the pallet wood come from? Our local grocery store has some pallets they throw away and some they recycle. The throw away ones are free for the taking for employees. Let me just say we aren't at a shortage for pallet wood!!!!

The flag was given to Jim's Mom for her birthday. She, of course, loves it! We had hoped she would hang it on their newly built barn, but being her gift it was up to her where it went...

Here is Jim's finished product!

Here is where it hangs!

Another look with some nice evening sunlight!

It looks perfect there doesn't it?

Jim also enjoys driving down her driveway and admiring his handiwork! 
Can't say I blame him!!!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monster Cupcake Toppers--using the Mini Monsters Cartridge

Does anyone else out there like to barter? I do. It is fun. I have recently traded for burlap. The burlap will be a post of its own. I need to do some hardware shopping and then I can post about the burlap. Even more recent than the burlap though, I traded with Sister #5. Much to Sister #5 and her daughter's dismay, Sister #5's granddaughter wanted to have a monsters birthday party. (Maybe next year she will agree to the princess party)
Sister #5 asked if I could make monster cupcake toppers. I said sure, I was sure I could piece something together on the Gypsy. In exchange, I asked if she could make me some valances. I have had some Cars fabric sitting her for what now seems like eternity. I had told Steph (sorry Babe!) I would make valances for Brenden's room. I don't have a space for my sewing machine. To use it, I have to unbury it, clean off a place to put it, hope I get my project done, clean up and put the machine back in the closer.  There also isn't any really good place to put it. So, the valances are still unmade. :( tsk tsk. I truly feel horrible.  Sister #5 on the other hand, has a sewing room. I asked if she could sew the fabric up for me. She agreed.

I had starting piecing monsters together on the Gypsy. They were turning out but they weren't completely what I had in mind. I was out and about and "OH LOOK!!! Mini Monsters is on sale!!!!" Yep! I now own the Mini Monsters Cricut cartridge.  This one is going to be fun!

Let's take a peak shall we?

All the monsters and MOST of their corresponding parts/layers were cut at 2.5 inches.

Here are some of the monsters waiting to be cut!

Gross Monster is found on page 38.

Goblin Monster is on page 39.
Such scary names for Monsters that didn't turn out so scary...

Monster is on page 30

Boo is on page 37

Creepy is on page 31

Icky is on page 28

Ooky is on page 29. 
In the book Ooky has one eye. I gave him two.

Mummy is on page 35.
I did not use all the 'mummy wrap' that was cut out.
I didn't like how he looked with it going across his face so I didn't use it.

This photo was taken by the birthday girl herself.
Apparently "Gammy" didn't know the little birthday monster was taking pictures until she went to take the pictures off of her camera. {Gammy loves Mya}

I did cut the shadow. I put the sticks (thanks Barb!!!) in between the shadow and the top layer.
Each Monster has googlie eyes.
Some were definitely easier to assemble than others.
Those little grins would stick to everything but the Monsters...

It was fun and I've been told they were the hit of the party!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to see you back soon!

~hugs Jen
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Friday, February 17, 2012

10 cards for a Chinese Auction

Happy Friday (or whatever day of the week it is when you read this) Everyone!!! The sun is shining and it is very spring looking outside! Jynx found herself a sunny spot in the bedroom and take a nap in the sun!  Lucky little fluffkin!!!

I mentioned awhile back a friend and coworker has been diagnosed with colon cancer. A group of people have pulled together to have a benefit spaghetti dinner this weekend with a Chinese Auction and a Silent Auction. I made a card basket for the Chinese Auction.

There are a couple Cricut Cuts and a lot of K&Company die cuts!!!!  Let's take a look!!!

the inside of the Bingo card

the inside of the best friends card

All 10 cards

I needed a basket. Sister #5 had given me this chicken feeder for my kitchen.
It was sitting on my church pew and I needed a basket of some sort. 
The chicken feeder looked like it would get the job done.
I'm sure hoping she won't mind since it is for a good cause. (Sister #5 is a coworker also)

Now, I obviously have some things to learn about wrapping these things up, but it gets the job done.
I attached a piece of paper listing what is inside and some contact information.
Now we have a 'basket' o'cards ready for auction.

Everything I have read or heard is leaning toward the fact the show of support is going to be amazing this weekend! Not sure if she will read this, but Brandi we love you and you have a bigger support group than you  could have imagined Buddy!!!!!! {hugs and prayers}

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Please leave some kind words either about the cards or for Brandi.
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Jim, Jen and very warm from napping in the sun Jynx!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peanut Butter cookies using the Stampin' Up Cookie Press

Happy Valentine's Day a day late everyone!!!! Today is Valentine's Day for Jim and I though. He worked late last night. He's made a layered chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I think I am going to pair it with some of the red raspberries I have in the fridge.  He's also grilling steak and making crab cakes for dinner! Unfortunately the crab cakes will be all his since I have developed an allergy to some shell fish. *insert HUGE frownie face here*
I'm very much looking forward to our evening together.  It is also a hockey night in Pittsburgh so I am sure there will be a hockey game in our house tonight!

Anywho....back on track!!! For Christmas I was given the Stampin' Up cookie press holiday set. How cool is it that I can now use rubber stamps in the kitchen!!!!!! We (ok, really HE) made the peanut butter cookie recipe found on the back of the Jif jar. If you've never made it before, it is delish recipe. I tried taking pictures of the recipe on the jar but some combination of lighting and my camera and maybe even the user didn't work together yesterday afternoon. I promise it is the recipe straight off the jar.

Use a cookie scoop to put the cookies on the cookie sheet. This was the first time the cookie press had been used. We have a little cookie scoop and the ice cream sized scoop. Making these cookies taught us we need the medium size cookie scoop. (my co-workers will tell you this one worked out JUST fine)

Now comes the cookie press.

A whole tray of cookies.

Bake the cookies and this is what you get.

Since these were made with the large cookie scoop the recipe only made 10 cookies.  They were 10 delicious cookies though!!!!

Have a great night everyone! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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