Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Are there certain places near you that are tradition-like places? We have this place called Kraynak's. They have a section of their store space that is transformed into a holiday wonder at Easter time and again at Christmas. Easter Bunny Lane and Santa's Christmasland.

There is this "lane" you walk down and it is all decorated for the holiday. The trees are numbered. Santa is at the end for pictures and then EVERYTHING you just walked is on display for sale once you reach the end.

Here are some pictures from this year! I'm not going to say anything about them, just enjoy the fun for a few minutes!!!

The Grinch, it is one of my favorites this year!

SOOOOOO? Is there anywhere like this near you? If you are coming to Western PA, here is Kraynak's Website!! Hugs!!! ~Jen

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cardinal Christmas Cards

There was snow on the ground when I woke up this morning! It all melted by early afternoon, that is almost a perfect snow in my world!! Was there snow where you are?

Some of you know I have been having fun with the K & Company die cuts. Earlier this month I bought some birds made by K & Company. I sorted the cardinals out and made a set of Christmas cards to give to my Grandmother as an early Christmas present.

Take a look, shall we?

A look at the birds, I sorted out the cardinals for Grandma's cards.

The paper I used. I used my premade cards and then cut paper from this stack.

 A look at all the cards together.

And then individually.

Grandma has already received her cards and she loves them!

Have you started on Christmas projects?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Cards

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.
If you eat too much, that is ok. 
Just add it to your list of things to be thankful for.

I had found some funny photos to share, but since I haven't shared my turkey cards, we will take a look at those instead!

The paper is from the stash.
The big turkey is a Stampabilities  stamp (from Hobby Lobby) is the solid turkey stamp.
The turkey stamp on the upper left card is from Lawn Fawn.
The Happy Thanksgiving sentiment is Stampabilities.
The 'give thanks' seen with the turkey on the upper right is from Studio G.

I thought I would try using one of my embossing folders.
You know, the tool I have that I am not really sure what to do with...

After I embossed the paper, I used some ink to draw out the detail.

I gave it a "mat" and some ribbon and wah-lah!
I think it turned out pretty cool!

I finally tried making a step card.
I am going to make some more and will make a tutorial when I do.
I wasn't completely thrilled with the tutorial I found, so I have to make it better if I am going to share with you!!! I LOVE the way it looks.
I think this is my favorite card of the bunch.

Speaking of bunch, no wait that is brunch...I need to walk away from the computer and get started in the kitchen. Brunch here and dinner elsewhere later!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for your blog friendship!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


If you read the POST about my two 35 pound boxes full of family recipes, you know I want to have some discussion.

We did have discussion on our Facebook page. Now it is time for discussion here, and then a decision on our part. (UGH)

We have been blessed with so many family treasures, recipes, heirlooms, photos, knick knacks, etc. etc.  These two boxes of recipes were the icing on the cake.

I want to do a regular post or two about these treasures. I was originally thinking just the recipes, and then my Aunt mentioned all of the other treasures we have (like Grandma's china cabinet that I still haven't shared with is now waiting for a post name before it is willing to be shared) SOOOOOOO....
Do we come up with ONE name that encompasses ALL of the treasures, recipes included

Do we come up with TWO names, one for recipes and one for treasures?

That is the first question to be answered.
The second question is "What should this series of posts be called?"
I am also hoping that this will help me blog on a regular basis, you will be guaranteed at least one (or two, depending) blog posts a week from us!

Here is what we came up with on Facebook.
Please offer your opinion on the ones below and/or offer a new suggestion!

1. Monday's Love From Grandma
2. Friday's Family Reflection
3. Revolving Recipes
(this one we wouldn't be committed to a certain day of the week, just whenever it happens)
4. Wooden Spoons, Recipes, and China Cabinets
5. Wisdom from wooden spoons, recipes and china cabinets
6. Wooden Spoon Wednesday
7. Memorable Munchie Monday
8. Remember The Times Tuesday
9. Times to Remember Thursday
10. Flashback Food Friday
11. A pot full of golden memories...A food lovers walk down memory lane
12. Moonpie Magic and Other classic tales of food gone by

Alright.....what are your thoughts??????????

Thanks everyone!

The first of MANY family recipes

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you all ready or do you need to make one more trip to the store? I am making one more trip a little later tonight and then hopefully I won't need to go back for a few days!

Awhile back I received not one, but TWO 35 pound boxes from the UPS Man! He carried them both to the house at the same time! I thanked him A LOT!!! He told me someone knew how to pack! I told him what was in the boxes and he said "I'm glad I didn't lose these two. These boxes are filled with treasures!" Yep! TWO boxes FULL OF TREASURES!!!!!

Box One

Box Two

TWO BOXES full of recipes. Recipes from my Great Great Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Great Great Aunt and Great Aunt. The boxes were sent to me by my Great Aunt.
There are some AMAZING AMAZING things in these boxes.
The boxes have been emptied and thrown away.
Most of the cookbooks have been given homes around the house.
There are some that need me to make a trip to Staples or another such store and buy some plastic sleeves.
There are others that are sitting in a pile because I am just not sure what to do.

There are cookbooks galore! One was published in 1890!! LOVE IT!
There are handwritten recipes...from my Great Great Grandmother.
Her handwriting was BEAUTIFUL!

In the second picture you can see a box in the lower right hand corner.
Yep, a recipe box. Plenty of handwritten recipes there!
That isn't the only place one will find handwritten recipes.
The most recent place I found a handwritten recipe was on the inside cover of a cookbook.

There will be many posts coming from these boxes of treasures.
There is also some discussion to be had about these boxes of treasures, and I think I am going to make that a post all it's own.

The first recipe I am going to share with you is a hot dog sauce recipe.
The recipe is titled "Texas Hot Sauce"
I suppose the hot is all in the eye of the beholder!

This was a family recipe that came from a hot dog shop that is no longer open.

You will need:

2 pounds ground meat
1 cup onion
2 TBSP butter
2 cans tomato soup
2 cups water
2 TBSP chili powder
(we used chipotle powder and less of it. we were out of regular chili powder and realized so too late)
1 tsp paprika
3 TBSP flour
2 tsp salt
1 tsp cloves
2 TBSP mustard
4 TBSP war sauce
(that is how it was listed on the recipe. what do you call worcestershire sauce?)
2 TBSP sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
5 dash tabasco

browning the meat

meat draining

it didn't say so, but we cooked the onions and the butter for a few minutes before adding everything else 

bubbling away

What we didn't take was a picture of the chili cheese fries we made!
They were pretty AND pretty tasty!

The cloves give it a flavor that stands it apart from other hot dog sauce recipes you have had.
(or at least that I have had)

We made our chili cheese fries the night we made this. **Ok, OK!! I was working, Jim made the recipe AND took the pictures. I ate the chili and am writing the post!** And we froze the rest in a couple sour cream containers for later consumption. Yep, it makes enough to go around!

Please go to this post and offer your opinion on what to name the posts about all these wonderful treasures!


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Chinese Auction basket of cards

I promised it wouldn't be three weeks before the next post! I wouldn't want anyone to contemplate another search party! I am most thankful for awesome blog friends like you!

During my blog absence, I put together another "basket" of cards for a Chinese Auction that was taking place at a benefit dinner. The dinner took place the same weekend my Aunt and Uncle were here. I felt making a basket was the least I could do since we wouldn't be attending.

This basket had a variety of cards much like the last basket. Since the benefit was close to the upcoming holidays, I included some holiday cards in this basket. Ready to take a look?

A wedding card!

Two birthday cards.
The owl and the frog were cut from the Create A Critter cartridge.
The cards measure 4x5 and 4x6...if that helps you picture the size of the cuts.

A get well card. Isn't he cute? Feeling ruff?  he he he
This card is a 4x5 card and the dog was cut using the Create A Critter cartridge.
I don't remember the size of the cuts on these cards. There was one day where I cut a bunch of things out so I would have some ready when it was time to make cards. It works great for making cards, but not so much when it comes to having information for a blog post. 

These two cards are blank on the inside. These two and the wedding card were made using die cuts made by K & Company. Those packages of die cuts are a great way to make cards! I have been waiting for them to go on sale at JoAnn's and then walk in armed with a coupon for an extra discount. YEP! I'm that girl!
The mouse in the tea cup stamp is from Stampin' Up.

Two winter/Christmas cards.
The snowman and cardinal are made by K & Company.
The paper is from a stack I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

A look at the inside of the winter/Christmas cards.

The Thanksgiving cards.
The turkey stamp is by Stampabilities.
The paper is from the stash (Do you believe me that I have a paper problem??)

The inside of the turkey cards.

All the cards were put in this bowl, along with some stuffer and then wrapped in plastic!
I hope the cards help make someone's day!
I also send well wishes to the person (and her family) the benefit was for.

One more look at the whole thing:

For those of you that read about the first basket...
Our friend has finished her treatments and has received good news from the doctor.
Thanks for the prayers and kind words!

Thanks for stopping by!
What kinds of things do you hope to see when you buy tickets for a Chinese Auction??
(we recently won a prize at one, that post is coming soon)

Partying here:

Pink Hippo Party


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