Monday, September 10, 2012

A Happy Hauntings Coffin

Something about that title just made me chuckle! You? Over the weekend one of my besties came to visit!! {yay me!!} You can read more about that HERE

We put together one of the boxes from Sweet Tooth Boxes. She decorated it for Halloween. That must have been what I needed to get me going. I have been looking at cartridges and stamps and blogs and Google and then just not knowing where to start. You know the many ideas you don't know which one to pick first!!! Top that off with we are still processing produce from the garden so crafting is still playing second fiddle.

Perhaps the ball is rolling now!!!! We can hope! It started by cutting out the skeleton from the Happy Hauntings cartridge. I cut the skeleton at 4 inches. I cut the main cut and the shift cut. I do not have a picture of this stage. I didn't realize these two projects were going to come together. I can tell you that each bone is a separate piece. Not sure why I thought they wouldn't be, but they are!!!

I cut the skellies and put them together. Ok, I confess. I cut four and put ONE together. The other 3...well...I did glue on their head and rib cage. The other bones ended up in a pile in the "garbage pail." (Yes I keep a little fry bucket on my desk for garbage...if I remember I will take a picture sometime). Perhaps I just didn't have the patience. Anywho. My mind seems to be going in so many directions I can't keep a thought for more than a second. I do apologize. I cut them at 4 inches so I could put them on a card, but I wasn't sure how the rest of the card was going to look, so they sat.

THEN!!!! I cut out the coffin.

The 3D coffin is found on page 72 of the handbook.

I cut the coffin, both parts that I have arrows pointing to, at 11.5 inches.

Cut out and waiting for "life"

Folded and creased.

Folded and put together.
It is big enough inside to put oh, maybe some new pens for your child's teacher.

I adhered ribbon around the "lid"

Here is the skellie!!! I used two different stamps for the Trick of Treat sign.
I think it would be cute with a bow tied around it and presented as a gift to someone.
What do you think???
It could also be a fun card or an invitation.
How would you use this??
**10/3 Update: for additional pictures of the coffins please look here and here. There will be another post about them showing them all packed up. Stay tuned.

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  1. I would put candy inside of course! Silly you!

    1. I bought more candy for them last night!!! Thanks for stopping by!



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