Friday, September 7, 2012

Morning Glories

I was out feeding the birds the other morning and saw this beautiful blue bloom in one of our gardens!

A beauty isn't she??
It made me wonder what the blooms looked like on the side of our house.
The plants have been beautiful but there haven't been many flowers.
Off to that side of the house I went.

Anyone else suppose this is a problem??????????
The Morning Glories pulled both trellis over and on top of themselves.
...yep...a little heart sinking here...

They have since been propped up, but no where near as pretty as they were.
We didn't fertilize or feed them anything. Just water and a southern exposure!
I do hope there was a gnome around when they fell. I hope there was someone present to yell
TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRR. :) So!! That means, in my head anyway, there was a cute little gnome nearby.

Any garden "troubles" at your place? How about blooming beauties???

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1 comment:

  1. I came to leave a comment about the morning glories..I love the morning glories and I got side track when I saw

    Anyways I planted morning glories a few years back and guess what my hubby did? he pulled the up he said they will take over everything..oh well I tried..Have a great weekend..



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