Monday, September 10, 2012

Good times with good friends!

Over the weekend a Bestie and her hubs came to visit!! {yay us} We had a couple game plans lined up since the weather was supposed to be 100% rain, but we hoping the weather man was WRONG!!! I know! I know!!! The weather man (or lady) is NEVER EVER wrong. Anywho!

We were hoping we were going to get to tour this beautiful mansion that is just a few blocks from us.
However, there was a wedding on Saturday and they don't offer tours when they have weddings.
Here's a peek at the mansion though. Maybe someday I can blog about it.

The weather did clear up! We were able to get out and about.
We went for a little ride around town. Usually when they are here, it is dinner time, later in the year and it gets dark earlier which means it is dark. We also did some geocaching.  You can read about another of our geocaching adventures HERE!

This is taken from "The West Hill"
Those buildings you can see clustered, right of center, they are on the main street into downtown.

Also taken from "The West Hill" 
Overlooking a plant that is fortunate enough to still be in production

This one is more of the clouds all lined up.
Definitely a fall looking sky.
You can see some more mill.
This whole area used to be mills. 

Train tracks that go to and through the mills that are still in production!

A look at one of the mill buildings.

We made our way back to BUHL PARK

A neat looking tree!
This is where our geocaching adventure began.

Ah yes! He found it and walked away and didn't tell her.
She's still looking for it.
Look at the grin on his face.

This is the view from the gazebo in the park.
Pretty good looking day for one that started out as a wash out and was supposed to continue that way!!

Here is Jim opening a cache we found outside the park.

This is the hiding spot.
You don't understand how we found that??
Well, we had looked for this one before and walked past it at least twice!!!

We came home and baked up some homemade jalapeno poppers and we made our own stromboli!

This was before they went in the oven.
At this point, there may or may not have been some wine consumption.

After dinner the guys watched football and the girls came into the craft space.
We made a Halloween house for the Bestie!

We used the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge.
We cut box number 4 found on page 26.
We cut it at 10 like the book suggests.
We failed to make the cut twice which resulted in me holding half the house and saying
That led to lots of laughter!!!! (Sorry guys if we disturbed the game!! ok, not really)

We're both a little odd, so I hope you weren't hoping to see this house done in a traditional manner!!!
{smiley face}

The flames over the door is actually the grass cut turned upside down. Clever huh??
I think it turned out fun!!!

We do recommend that you adhere all trim pieces BEFORE you glue the house together!

This is a fine example of why you should take more than one photo!
What a difference between the two!!

We had so much fun and all too soon it was too late and everyone was sleepy and they had an hour drive home and we never got a picture of the two of us. I was going to share an older picture of us, but that was on the laptop before this one and therefore that picture is on a cd. /sigh
Guess what that means?? We'll have to get together AGAIN!!!!! 

Anywho!!! We had a great time and had some good laughs!!!!
When was the last time you spent some time with a bestie????


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  1. Sounds and looks like you guys had a great time =0)



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