Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween cards...round 1

Halloween mode is in full swing around here. So many things have been working against that the decorations are still EVERYWHERE!!! THAT MEANS CLUTTER!! Ugh. I am so ready for them to be where they belong and the clutter back upstairs!

I made my first batch of Halloween cards. I didn't use the Cricut for these. GASP!, I know. I had picked up some Halloween addons at some point and finally had the idea to use them. Am I the only one that buys stuff for the stash and then it gets forgotten???? Please tell me I am not. Anyone?

The cards turned out pretty cute. {So cute that most of them have sold. THANK YOU!!!}

Let's take a look-see!!!

A look at all of the cards (and a couple coffins that were awaiting delivery)

I put them in sets of four to sell them.
I think I did pretty well because the "scrap" pile was minimal when I was finished.

All very similar, but yet different

I used foam dots behind the little trick or treaters.

Every time I think I have a favorite picked out, I change my mind.
Have you decided?
The card on the left in the above picture was a test. I used one of punches I found at TJ Maxx for just a couple $$. So many of these punches look cute but then I don't know what to do with them when I get them home. Is there a problem for others??

I have decided that I don't have a picture of my favorite one.
There was one more that I left out of the mix when I was assembling the sets.
I sent it to someone and never took a picture. :( The ghost was on that one.

They're all cute in their own way.
The next batch of cards will be made with the Cricut. Stay tuned.

Here is an update on the coffins!

These coffins have been a huge hit.
I came across a bunch of cool things at JoAnn's one night.
I will have to go back because I have sold almost 30 of these things and I'm out of cool stuff.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hugs ~ Jen

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  1. My Favorite character is the little man dressed as a candy corn, not sure about the background pattern. I like the coffins, great for handing out candy! Was that part of a cartridge?

  2. My oh my Jen! You have been a very busy bee! I love them all, and yes I have a whole box of items in my stash that I had forgotton about until now when you made me look! I haven't used much Cricut myself lately, but it's coming. Hope everyone is well in your neck of the woods. Digging through my stash now...



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