Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Peace Sign Birthday Card

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! Earlier in the week was Jim's Mom's birthday. We had a weenie roast out back. Jim's Mom and Step-Dad, and Jim's Grandparents joined us out back. We, of course, had too much food. Jim's Mom LOVES the peace sign!!!

A little sidewalk chalk birthday sign.
She loved it!!

Jim's Mom is one of the easiest people for me to make cards for.
She appreciates them on so many levels.
When she has some to send, she puts some thought in to who she sends them to.
She wants to send them to people that will appreciate them as well.
Her birthday was no different. Jim and I talked about what to make and it came together like a charm!

Ready to take a look at how it came together???

This ribbon came home after a trip to Hobby Lobby.
I had Jim's Mom in mind when I bought it, but figured I could also use it for a number of things.
I hadn't used it yet.
I pulled the ribbon out and the ribbon determined the colors for the card!

I used the Disney/Pixar Cars cartridge to cut the peace sign and the circle for behind it.
I cut everything at 4.5 inches.
I did cut the peace sign twice. I want to add some dimension.
You can see in the photo above that I used foam dots (or squares actually) to give the dimension.
I used the squares between the yellow and the first peace sign and then between the two peace signs.

I added some ribbon across the top.

and a sentiment across the bottom.
The sentiment is from a set of Christmas stamps I have that is made by Fiskars.

Added some more ribbon to the inside, as well as a sentiment.

She also received A LOT of stamps on the back!!
I don't normally put that many on the back, but this was fun!!

The  front of the card and the front of the envelope.
Yep, added more ribbon there.
Apparently I was ribbon happy the other day!

Ah yes! My favorite part. If you have been here to see other cards, you know I like to add a little something to the back of my envelopes. This one was no exception.
I added a peace sign stamp (not sure who it is made by)
I also added a little quote sticker.

I think it turned out pretty cool and she LOVED it!!!!!

Yep! We sang happy birthday to her!
How fun! After cake, we sat around the fire for awhile.
It was too bad we did this on a week night. We could have sat around the fire for quite some time!!

What do you think of the card??
It was pretty simple.
If you make one, I'd love to see you share it on the Facebook page!!!!



  1. So glad Jim's mom enjoyed the birthday celebration you put together for her. Thanks for stopping by this week and leaving me a sweet comment about my fall decorations. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love it! Peace signs are from my generation (must be the same age as Jim's Mom!) Funny how they've come back - now my 10 year old niece is into them! Great card, Jen!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. The card turned out great and I'm sure Jim's Mom loved it especially since it was made by the two of you. Have a great week !---Shannon

  4. Beautiful peace card! Peace sign is always nice to see.

  5. Awesome! Especially since I am from "that" was all peace and love and then we grew into "the establishment"! LOL! Jim's Mom still looks lots younger than me though. I loved the card and the stamps on the back are a hoot!
    You are so talented! I love your border on your blog too! I have some catching up to do and I have missed stopping by here! Happy Fall you 3!

  6. Looks and sounds like you had a blast! Love the card, it brings back memories... Ooops! Now I'm telling my age!



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