Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yard Sale Christmas...

Hi everyone! I needed a break from the computer, especially since I work with one all day.  I was also busy decorating for Christmas AND doing something I don't normally do and actually spent some time doing NOTHING over the weekend. Okay it wasn't actually nothing, it was enjoying some hot tea on the couch with Jynx while Jim was working and watching those hopelessly romantic and great acts of humanity movies on the Hallmark channel. Total ME time. I don't do that very often.

The house isn't completely done yet, but close. Maybe it can be finished when I am done working for the day.
I am going to share with you some of our yard sale finds from this summer. You will have to be on the lookout for these items when I finally share the decoration pictures. I will be sure to point out other yard sale treasures as we go along.

No great projects (or not so great) just some pictures to ponder and possibly a peak into Christmas past. The following are pictures of things we picked up this summer. What would you do with them?

 A cool vintage village

A Santa's PJs stocking

lots of icicles

some small finds (they were part of a box of stuff)

picnic baskets

a nutcracker

A cool little santa mug that is...
 MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!! :)

Picked this beauty up for just a couple bucks! :)


YES! Those are bobble heads.

Where will they or where have they found a home? That is a question. Most of the things in the last photo have a home. There are a couple that keep getting moved around. It has been fun. The big Santa in the above picture, we got him for 50 cents!!!! fun!

Here is a look into Christmas Past. I love mischievous elves. Where will they end up this year? That is a great question. Only four of them have been given homes so far.

Have you started Christmasing or will you be waiting until after the turkey coma? I hope to see you again soon. Thanks so much for stopping by! ~jen


  1. Jen, that last picture with the lights on is so pretty! I haven't even started my decorating yet...just thinking about it! Oh, and I also love those days on the couch with my cats and watching sappy movies! lol..I'm glad you enjoyed my post about the mustache cups! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh aren't you have having fun decorating ... I love looking at all the baubles and Christmas images... Thanks for the sneak peek.... Enjoy your day ...Hugs



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