Friday, November 11, 2011

Have you Thanked a Veteran today?

I hope so. I just got off the phone with my Granddad! He participated in a ceremony at his American Legion this morning. He said they also went to the Elementary School for a program and the kids there put on a "real nice program" We had a nice chat.

(from a google image search)

My Mom's Dad and Jim's Mom's Dad were both in WWII. The stories these men have to tell, they are truly something to hear. If you haven't thanked a Vet yet, it isn't too late. Give them a call or a visit tomorrow.

Making memories with my Granddad at a family event this summer! {love him}

Jim's Grandparents at another family gathering this summer. {love them}

Thanks to all that have served, are serving, will serve and to the families of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you!

I will be back over the weekend with one project or another!!!

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