Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Pinterest Inspired Project

Awhile back I saw a photo and thought "What a great idea! I know we have ours from our first Christmas in this house." (where to find it was a different thought to myself) I "pinned it" for future reference.

If you still aren't with me, it is the cut off the fresh Christmas tree. Our first Christmas in this house we had a real tree. I thought we could do something cool with this part so I kept it. I found it on the front porch as part of the decoration there. It was drab and sad looking and showing some signs of being outside and unloved. (perhaps it is thanking pinterest right now...or perhaps I should've gotten more sleep)

I started with these items....

and ended up with this...I like. Do you?

Here are a couple close ups

The whole thing one more time

Won't it be pretty on Christmas tree? Or who knows where it just might end up. *tee hee*
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  1. Yes I think they turned out very pretty. My daughter made some kinda like this for us last year at Christmas time, but she wood burned the date, names, etc on the wood. Just a thought!!



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