Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Spring Chick Easter Card

Here are some more Easter cards I made. The same stamp, just different ways. I do apologize for the picture quality. I almost forgot to take the pictures altogether. That doesn't excuse the poor quality of some of the photos, but yet somehow still better than no pictures at all. I could have skipped the blog post, but that wouldn't have been any fun either.

I started with a sheet of these.
I stamped as many as would fit on a 12x12 sheet.

Then I colored the images (some of them)
picked out some pretty paper and ribbon
used lots of foam dots
 (there are foam dots behind each stamped image on all cards)
I also used decorative scissors or a paper punch.

A stamp and a stamp pad for the sentiment

Change the colors up a little bit...

Do you have a favorite?

Here they are all lined up!

This is a variation on the card I made HERE

Here are those ones all lined up!


Any guesses?
This is that Christmas present from Jim's Step Dad that I kept telling you about and don't think I ever showed you. If I have shown you, it wasn't nearly this full. It is to the left of my work bench. 
I fits PERFECTLY on this wall too!

How are your Easter preparations coming along??
Hope to see you again soon!

~Jen and a very upset Jynx.
She is out of food in a can. I am going to the store in a little bit to get some other groceries, but she doesn't seem to be accepting my apology as sincere. /sigh


  1. So pretty Jen..Also I love that holds so many things..Jynx must be like my kitties..if their food dish is empty they act like they are surely going to starve to!!

  2. Your Easter cards are absolutely adorable! ANd OH EM GEE! I want that shelving piece! It's awesome!!!

  3. Wow! Hallmark, move over! You do such a beautiful job I can't pick a favorite at all. Those cards are so pretty. Where do you get your supplies? Online or a store? We have no craft stores except 2 hours away so I need to get everything online.
    I love the shelf unit! That's my kind of present! Great job, Jen!

  4. Darling Easter Cards and I am drooling over your shelf!



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