Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We cut down a tree over the weekend. We don't like cutting down trees, but this one was blocking the sun from the spot where we want to expand our garden.

I would show you pictures of tree, but we liked it so much we couldn't locate any pictures of it. I know there is at least one picture of it, but that picture is on a disc because it was on my old computer and I can't place the discs right now either.

Jim looking at the tree.
The blue tarp...oh I don't think I ever did that post.
That is part of 3 yards dirt/mushroom compost

Not sure what he's looking at, but...
you can see the garden behind him. We haven't had much luck here 
and by taking the tree down our success should at least improve...

Getting serious now!
We are going to put in a row of berries to help hide the compost pile. 
It is such a lovely site from the street. he he he

No pictures of the tree coming down, I had to hold the rope to help guide the branches.
I couldn't figure out how to do both at the same time....so much for being super woman...

 I {DID} get to use the chain saw though.
You can almost see my new and super cute garden boots.
I will have to make a post about them too.
So many thoughts, so little time.

and a couple cheesy photos for you, my blog friends...

I know you are jealous of how good I look in those safety glasses...

I should have taken a picture of the aftermath.
It was kinda neat, with the way the branches came down it was like a fan.
Sometimes you just forget about the camera when there is a task at hand.
Under all sawdust mulch is the lily of the valley.
We are leaving the stump there. It is either going to be a home for a bird bath or a planter of some sort.
It might need some leveling but that will depend on what goes there.
Now we just need Jim's Mom and Step-Dad to bring the tiller so we can expand the garden and 
I can start laying it out. I have parts of it done in my head, but kinda hard when there are plenty 
of things distracting you.

Now we have more firewood, let the backyard 'campfires' begin!!!!


  1. I'm not jealous of your safety glasses Jen..but I am glad that you are smart enough to wear them while you are working..some people don't get that smart until they have something fly into their eyes..Be careful sweetie..

  2. I need to have 2 trees cut down too as they are taking up all the sun from my little garden!

  3. I love trees but I love gardening too therein lies the rub! You go girl with the chainsaw. I'm a little scared of those things but I know the one we had on the farm was too heavy for me. I know they have lighter ones now. Great job you 2 and glad no one was injured...well, except the tree, of course. But raising your own food is definitely a worthwhile cause!

  4. So jealous of the safety glasses...Hahaha! :) One time I went to a Haunted House for Halloween and a guy chased after me with a chain saw. Obviously the chain wasn't actually on the saw but it has forever scarred me and I am terrified, TERRIFIED of them! I guess that makes me glad we don't have any trees to cut down at my house, but rather, we desperately need to plant some.



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