Monday, April 23, 2012

A bridal shower gift

Holy Moly! It says it has been like 12 days since I've posted! I have thought about you daily, but I was taking advantage of the sunshine and getting some work done outside. Then it rained. I needed the rainy day to catch up on the inside stuff! I love driving myself crazy! Somewhere in there I also went to a bridal shower for a friend of ours. Jim and I both had a hand in the making of the gift! Steph (yep the one I mention often!) was in on the gift too. We decided on what we wanted and sent Jim off to the shop! :) Don't let him fool ya, he loves having his best gal pal in the house, even if we do gang up on him.

We wanted a box our friend, Nicole, could set on her counter and set a cookbook on top of. We also wanted the box to open up. (we don't ask for much right?)

Downstairs he went, sketch in hand. He sorted through the pieces downstairs and found 'the ones' for this project. It turned out FANTASTIC!! So much so, in fact, Jim said he didn't want to see it go! I have that problem often. It turned out great! Let's take a look shall we?

the top
Jim's favorite part is these boards on the top!

the side

the back

the inside

the bottom
felt pieces were added to the bottom so it won't scratch the counter

Awesome isn't it?
We aren't done though. We can't very well gift an empty box can we?

Onward then!

Every girl needs thank you cards, especially a bride!
I pulled out these three stamps from an old Stampin' Up set.
The set is called Flowers.

There were three different designs...

I made a couple 'trial' ones and sent text messages to Steph.
We had preferences, but I still couldn't decide...

So Nicole received a handful of each design.
She can be the one to decide!

All bundled up!
If you have followed my cards, you know I like to put a stamp on the back of my envelopes.
The butterfly in the upper right hand corner was stamped on the back of the envelopes.

Let's take a peek inside the box...

Jim's Mom told me a girl NEEDS to have a napkin drawer.
Nicole's box has plenty of napkins!
Steeler napkins
Coca Cola napkins
Beachy napkins
Paisley napkins
Birthday napkins
She also received measuring cups and spoons.
A flour sack towel {LOVE THEM}
and some stamps for her thank you cards!

Pretty cool gift if you ask me!

What would a gift be without a card?

Nicole's colors are pink and green...
Sometimes it pays to have a paper OBSESSION!
I found pink and green paper!

I used the the new Stampin' Up Take it to Heart set.
This was one of the sets in that big box I told you about awhile back.
I stamped in pink and green.
I used my heart punch on the one that was the same size as the punch
and used scissors to cut the others. Nothing hard or tricky here!

I tied a piece of pink ribbon around the pink and green paper.
Adhered the pink and green paper to the card base.
Added foam dots to the backs of the hearts.

Adhered the hearts to  the card.
Added a sentiment. YIKES! That looks horrible!!!

Take two! 
In paper crafting there is almost always a way to cover up a whoops!
(oh shoot, the cat is out of the bag, now nicole will be taking her card apart to see if i am telling the truth)

I had nothing to do with the flowers...BUT!!!!!
Steph did!!!! She's getting her craft on pretty well isn't she?

A look at our lunch choices!
If you really need to know, I had the burger.
It was DELISH!

The bride to be reading the inside of her box.
It was stamped and signed by Jim and signed by Steph and me.

It was a nice time!
Our gift wasn't the only one that rocked, but it was close. (he he he)
It won't be long now Lady!!!
Congratulations again!!!

Partying here:

Pink Hippo Party


  1. Holy Canoli! That gift would almost be worth getting married for! LOL! Not me though but congrats to your friend on not only getting married but on having such dear friends that would go to that length to make such a wonderful gift. You guys are amazing! How thoughtful and creative you are and to fill it up with such wonderful gifts too. I'm bettin' she LOVED it!
    What a nice shower too! Did you write the words on the outside of the card you gave her? I can't write that nice....what do you do then?
    Good to see you post again but I totally understand! Spring is the busiest AND most expensive time of year for me...right up there with Christmas! How's the garden coming? TTYL!

  2. What a lovely, useful present. In fact it would make a great present for any occasion and made from re-cycled wood, brilliant!

  3. OMG I love the box and all the goodies inside it. What a great idea. I really like the idea that the box holds a recipe or cookbook open to the right page. You guys are a great team.



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