Thursday, April 5, 2012

How does your horseradish grow? another pallet project

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!! I am sharing another pallet project. We were at a local small business garden sort of place a couple weeks ago and they had horseradish roots for sale. We know horseradish will take over and Jim kinda looked at me. I said, "Why can't we grow it in a bucket?" I got another questionable look because how attractive would a plain 'ol bucket be sitting around. ...don't that one covered too (literally).

Don't go buying your buckets!!!!! There should be plenty of places that have buckets they are going to throw away. I would start at a bakery. I asked the bakery at our grocery store what they did with their empty buckets. The lady said it just depends but they had two sitting there they were going to throw away. SWEET DEAL!!!! I picked up some groceries AND some buckets. There was no questionable look when I came home with the buckets. I think he almost laughed at me with pity.

Fill the bucket up with dirt, plant the horseradish and move along to the next project. No digging will be necessary when it is time to harvest some of that horseradish, just turn that bucket upside down!!!!

Oh!!! Did you want to see what we did? he he he. Here it is. Jim made a "cover" for the bucket. I was thinking of something we could set the bucket in, but I like his interpretation of the concept much more!!!!

It is cute box huh?

top view

a different angle

Oh but look!!! It hides a bucket!
We think it will look pretty cool when the leaves are growing through the hole!
There will be 4 of these around. There were 4 roots in the bag.

A free bucket and a free pallet = a snazzy looking horseradish root

So? What do you think?
Let us know.
See you soon!!!!!


  1. "Well if you ain't somethin!" like they say around here. Talented too! I had horseradish on my little farm when I had it but I never did anything with it. I was a little afraid as some friends of mine tried to grind it up in their house in the blender and they had to leave the house....eyes burning...the whole nine yards. When you do it I think you need to do it outside maybe. I don't remember our "patch" spreading but my then husband (now ex) was a "wildman" with the weed wacker too so who knows. I think that's why I didn't even know it was there for so long! LOL! I love horseradish though and use it quite a bit especially in deviled eggs.
    Jim did a great job on disguising the bucket(s)! Those are going to look really pretty when the greens start growing out the top! I give you guys an A+++ on that project! I'll come back later to read the history and uses! Thank you!

  2. That is so nice Jen..Jim is quite the handy man isn't he..This would be great for other plants would look so pretty with maybe a flowering bush growing out of it..Great job Jim..

  3. OMG I love that box. Another idea for my single pallet. Tell Mr. Jim I love it!!!!!!



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