Saturday, March 31, 2012

Freshly Picked - rose bush

Seriously!?! Why is it the weekend goes by so quickly? So many projects/ideas/slacking off/misc. things to do and the time just flies by.  ZOOM! It is Saturday night already. 

We've been busy though. More on that later! This post is the first of many about the Freshly Picked Cricut Cartridge. This was one of my early on cartridges...back when I was afraid of my Cricut.  Anyone else out there HAVE to HAVE the thing and then you got it home and made your first cut and said some not so nice words and there it sat because you were disappointed??? That was me.

Freshly Picked. There are so many cute looking cuts on this cart.  I have some in mind that I actually want to use for our outside garden. They are in the back of the book, so I may do some jumping around.

Questions, suggestions, tips, ideas, etc. please leave them in a comment or send me an email. Have you done projects with this cartridge? Link 'em up over at the Facebook page (you can find it on the right) so we can all see them and encourage each other!!!

The first cut in the handbook is an apple tree. It looks quite similar to the rose bush. Since we have rose bushes, I chose the rose bush. The second cut is a cherry tree and it looks like it is similar to the apple tree and the rose bush. Perhaps at a later date I will cut these out. 

All cuts were made at 4.5 inches. It seemed like a good number. It will fit on a 4x6 card and it is big enough to see it. Who knows what, exactly, I will do with these cuts, but card size made sense.

The rose bush cuts are on page 30 of the handbook.

I cut all available layers for the bush itself and both layers for the sign function.

I put it together, and decided I should have used brown paper for the stem of the bush instead of black, but live and learn right?
I also used one of my little ink pads and inked the edges for extra definition. For fun, I added some yellow brads to the 'roses'. I don't think it looks much like a rose bush (with or without the brads) but it is still a cute cut. If you are wondering why yellow, well we have two yellow rose bushes out back. :)  The little green tag, perhaps that should say "tiny" green tag, could say "for sale" or "for you."

The rose bush is now glued on top of the shadow cut.
It is a nice finishing tough, I think. What do you think?
I inked the edges of the sign before adhering the two pieces together. At 4.5 inches the sign is VERY big in comparison to the rose bush.

The geranium cut will be next!
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