Friday, March 2, 2012

A Dr. Seuss themed card

Hello Everyone! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!! Thank you for making reading fun!!

I went through some of my supplies last night and found some Dr. Seuss stickers. (this really is no surprise)
Yesterday was the first day of the 365 Cards Challenge. The challenge theme is new beginnings.  Oh The Places You'll Go! is a great book for new beginnings!

I stared at the stickers for awhile, maybe even a long while, and then did a Google search for some clip art.
Here is the final result.

I did round the top right corner of the outside of the card and both top corners on the inside.

I am pretty pleased with it. I guess they all can't be super duper spectacular right?
This will be my first time linking up at 365 Cards! Stop over and check them out! Let me know if you link up so I can be sure to check out your project!

We are in for some possible storms tonight. This might be a good night to clean up my creative mess!
Be safe if there is weather where you are. Have a great weekend!
~The J's


  1. Fabulous card, I love Dr. Seuss, and you could use the card for so many occassions. Thank you for joining us at 365 Cards.

  2. That is my FAVORITE Dr. Seuss book and I love your card! I had all these great intentions on doing something this week related to Dr. Seuss with my kids but I fell short. I guess we'll be reading Dr. Seuss for bedtime stories tonight. :)

  3. It IS corresponding theme :P
    Thanks for playing at 365 Cards

  4. Dr Seuss was a genius at story telling..I loved him as a child and was so happy when it came time to share him with my son when he was young..I am so hoping that Hollywood did not destroy his beautiful story of The Lorax..Very cute Jen!!



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