Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have you repurposed lately?

Here's a little something for those that aren't as excited about the paper crafts as some of us are. I get it and I'm not offended. I'm just glad you are stopping by/back by!

We had a pig roast at my Granddad's this past summer. Friends, family and good food - it had to be a good time right? It was! Sunday morning as we were finishing clean up, I walked into the garage. Something sparked me to look up. Up I looked and in the rafters of my Granddad's garage was the crib my Mom, my Aunt, and my Uncle slept in as babies.  Go ahead, you can do a little happy dance. I know I did.

Just because it was there didn't mean it was coming home with me. My Grandfather doesn't like to part with his things. I understand that.  I can also appreciate that.  However, this was in the garage.... I went and found my Mom and my Aunt and we all looked up and carried on a conversation about the crib. Mom decides she's gonna ask Granddad if we can bring the crib home with us. *if you have started to chuckle, you are right on the money*  Mom asks if Jim and Jennifer can take the crib home with them.  My Granddad get this look, actually I think it was multiple looks at one time on his face. He stutters a bit, laughs, smiles and looks at me and says "Are you trying to tell us something Jennifer?" Now everyone is laughing.

We 'rescue' the crib (all pieces and they are all there). It was like our own "American Pickers" - the home game. Crib saved, memories made, let's make the couple hour drive home.

Last weekend we finally did something with part of the crib.  Yes, we! Jim drilled the holes and brought the piece downstairs. {thank you}

 Here's a peek.

Had to get a picture of it before it went on the wall right?

and then of course one once it was on the wall

and then it stayed like this for a few days
hey! I knew I wanted the wreath on it, but hadn't thought about the rest of it

This is the current solution to 'the rest of it'
I have a couple ideas in mind that require some construction so...

vintage valentines and mini clothespins {smile}

here is a little more info on the shutter shelf. Once I found the link I had to chuckle.
This was one of the first blog posts ever.
Still a cute shelf though!

What do you think? I hope you will leave a comment.
I also hope to see you again soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Once again, you think outside the box... what a clever idea. I have my grandmother rocking chair that she sat in when she was very young! Treasures are so fun! Hugs, Dawn

  2. Another score for repurposing! I love how the black springs look against the wall. Very special because it was your mom's, too.

  3. I love it..This would be great for displaying so many things..Thanks for sharing..I will be looking for one of these..

  4. how cool!! what a great idea..good for you!

  5. I'm not sure how I missed this post but I love it. Only you could hang the springs of a crib up and make it look good. What a great idea. I like it almost as much as the ever changing ladder.



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