Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Good Evening Everyone!

I do have more Valentines to share with you (as promised) but I am a little brain dead this evening. I went to fill up the sugar bowl and poured dumped the rest of the bag into my cup instead. That was like sign number three that this was not going to be a productive evening.

I don't know what combination of things led to it, but I am exhausted today. I get to work from home a couple days a week (hel-lo pj's). Today was an office day. I have noticed lately that it seems to be more tiring to go to the office. There are a couple reasons I can think of... 1. I have roughly a 30 minute drive each way. 2. Everyone is at the office so my brain is processing far more by being in the office than being at home. 3. well, I don't know. (I just giggled at myself here). This past week I worked from home Thursday and Friday, was off Saturday and Sunday for the weekend, and then had yesterday off for the holiday. Perhaps it is just shock that has me exhausted.

anywho... I do want to get a little more personal, but ramblings of what makes an office day tiring isn't why you come here. The weekend was very productive. LOTS of valentines were completed. Jim made me something based off of a picture I saw somewhere in blogland. I am going to have peruse my computer history to find the picture so I can give credit for the inspiration when I blog about it. Jim even typed part of what will be that blog post. :) I need to get the before pictures off of his camera.  We did a few more projects around here, most of them blog material. yay!!!!

On to the squirrels. We have a couple squirrel bird feeders in the side yard. We get lots of enjoyment watching the birds and the squirrels eat from the feeders and from the ground.  When the birds actually manage to fill a feeder it is quite impressive because these squirrels tend to dominate. Take a look at our squirrel friends.

I waited and waited for the third one to show up. He(she)
usually sits on the corn feeder. no luck on this day

see him sitting in the tree?

bottoms up

look at how red their bellies are

One of my favorite things about snow...all the little footy prints left behind

a sneak peak at the project Jim worked on for me.

a sneak peek at something else that happened this weekend. yay!!!!
hint: this will be a "have you repurposed lately?" post

If you read this far you are an AWESOME blog friend and I thank you. To say thank you I am sharing
this picture because it is true...

I "whale-y" like and each and every one of you who stop by, even for the briefest of moments.
The whale is also from the Create a Critter cartridge. 
The cut has a water spout coming from the blow hole, I cut that off.
I used Word to print the sentiment.
This cut would be great for baby cards.

Thanks again for stopping by!
Hopefully tomorrow is a more creative or at least, a more productive blog day.
Good night everyone!!!!
hugs ~~ Jen


  1. Awww...I Whale-y like you, too! Those squirrels crack me up! They eat more of my birdseed than the birds do, too! I love watching them, too. My Dad had a "pet squirrel" named Myrtle that he used to feed peanuts. I should do a post about it! I hope you're more rested today!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Oh my goodness, that Valentine is sooooo cute! I think I would get bird feeders just for the squirrels. I have always thought they were so cute.



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