Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween around the house

We've looked at the mantel and at the witch's potion table, it is time to look at some tidbits around the house.

 There is a future post in the works about china cabinets. As some of you know, I am still needing to share my Grandmother's china cabinet. It hasn't happened yet, because I'm still pondering how to do so and now those ponderings have taken a new twist. We now have three china cabinets in our home. Each with a story.
Those stories will come one day.

I am sharing the tops of each china cabinet below:

Some "bubbles" were added to his tureen since this photo was taken and the display enhanced a little,
but it is enough for you to get the idea. The "twigs" in the vase are dried coriander stems.
There is a little spider living in them. I told him he's allowed to stay until Halloween is over and then he's getting evicted!!! This china cabinet is in our dining room.

This china cabinet is one of the first things you see when you walk in our front door.
Are you creeped out by the spider on the wall? Me too!

This is the top of my Grandma's china cabinet, also in our dining room.

Looks like someone had an unfortunate time.

Jynx helping decorate for Halloween!

Please pardon the messy floor.
This was the day that my Great Grandmother's, Great Great Grandmother's and my Great Great Aunt's recipes came. Yep! You read that correctly. Those recipes have possibly added a twist to the china cabinet reveal. We are trying to come up with a weekly post idea. A name that would allow posts about recipes, family treasures, wisdom etc. Please stop over to the FACEBOOK PAGE and get in on the conversation about what to call these posts.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out some more Halloween.
How is Halloween going in your house?



  1. Looks good. I want a fireplace. Love the bones. You did a great job. I, however, am still trying to get mine done. I think I am decorating challenged this year - ha ha. Have a great weekend. Rhonda

    1. I think that is why we didn't decorate last year. I just wasn't feeling it! Perhaps the weekend will be a turn of events for you. Thanks so much for stopping in. Those bones are fun aren't they? I love having this mantel and fireplace to work with!



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