Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Witch's potion buffet

We have looked at  this year's Halloween mantel. Are you ready to take a look at what was brewed up in the dining room? I hadn't really thought about what kind of feel the dining room was going to take on and then I did some sightseeing in Blog World and saw that little kick I needed!

I stopped by DEBBIE-DABBLE. I ended up sitting quite a spell. This photo to left is from her blog and was the inspiration for the buffet in our dining room. I do hope you will go sit a spell (again, only after leaving comment love here) She has plenty of pictures to inspire you. You have to at least go and check out her "Minerva." I think I need to work on getting my own "Minerva." She's pretty cool!!! Of course the witch sitting near this table is pretty cool too!

DEBBIE-DABBLE's decorations are just the right amount of fun and spooky. I do hope you will pay her a visit.

If you read the mantel post then you know there was some spray painting that took place. Not all of that spray painting was for the living room. Some of those made over  items were headed to the dining room.....for the witch's potion table...of sorts!

 If you read about the mantel, then you know I used some
graphics from the Graphics Fairy. She has great graphics and the ones I used can be found here. I ran out of spray paint so I used some craft paint. The glittered bottles are empty Simply Lemonade bottles. {LOVE THAT STUFF} We reuse the bottles for any number of things, but these two have been given a different purpose. Both bottles and the old bbq sauce jar you see here, were painted with craft paint and then I sprinkled some of my Martha Stewart glitter on them. Super sparkly. I sprayed them with a clear coat so the glitter wouldn't end up EVERYWHERE like glitter has a way of doing. If I make more for next year, I will take the old labels off and then cover them in glue and sprinkle the glitter on...only after I have cut the bottoms off them. A friend suggested they would be cool with twinkle lights inside them so they looked like a bubbling potion.
That won't work for these bottles since they were already painted black, but I did learn from it!!! They grey bottles are from a Starbucks product! I think we have a whole shelf of those bottles in the basement. They work great at Christmas time for gifting tasty sugary confections from our kitchen. They don't host tasty sugary confections here, but I think they turn out pretty neat!

The label on the purple bottle is from a set of labels I picked up last year or the year before. 
I don't remember where they came from. (so sorry)
The Love Potion label and the Charmed Morsels were part of the set from the Graphics Fairy.
The Charmed Morsels are some chocolate chips that didn't really like the heat of the summer :(
(have no fear, new chips have been purposed and Jim will be making cookies soon!)

The bottles were spray painted grey - from a can of spray paint that was here when we bought the place.
The labels came from here.
I put some cheesecloth  over the top and wrapped some jute around it to hold it in place.
Then I used the jute to hold the labels.
I am happy with them.

These bottles were sitting upstairs waiting for a purpose. I love it when I can give something that "I will use someday" a purpose, other than to sit upstairs, or downstairs for that matter, and collect dust and cobwebs. I added water and food coloring to these bottles. They each received a label from the above labels. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of them individually. One became Frog Oil. I used green food coloring. The other one became Vampire blood. I used one of the darker colors of food coloring. It looked pretty cool.

I found these beakers at the Salvation Army.
It would be way cool to put some dry ice and food coloring in them wouldn't it?

 Here it is all put together! The picture on the right even includes the black cat in the window. Yep, it was a nice fall day here in Western PA the other day. I did turn the mirror so it was straight, but it was still missing something ANDDDDDDD, every time I walked in the room I wanted to straighten it!

Added some cheesecloth to the mirror.
Better, don't you think?
I do know that I am not as tempted to straighten the mirror now!

A closer look.
I strung some purple lights and then put cheese cloth over them!
The picture frame in the left picture was one that had a date with spray paint.
One of the beakers is holding the SILVER spoons from my Grandparent's silver set.
I'm guessing this isn't how my Mom figured I would use the silver. You?
Halloween just happens to come before all those dinners, so they spoons are on the witches table!

I do believe I pillaged every room of the house to decorate this buffet.
Mortar and pestle, spoons, bottles, vases, etc. It was kinda fun to go "shopping" around the house!

Here is a better look of some of the "stuff"
Take a an extra close look at the photo in the frame.
HA!!! Kinda creepy huh?
Jim thought these pictures (from the dollar store) would have a cooler effect in regular frames and that is what I did. Painted a bunch of frames and put these hologram pictures in them. HA!!!!!!!

I think this tray of fun is my favorite part. Of course I had to include my Witch Hazel bottle.
This tray is sitting on a cake plate.
The tray contents include bottles, empty and full; vases, candles, feathers, sticks etc!
Under the tray you can find measuring cups, a jar of spiders, skeleton parts, mini pumpkins and who knows what else in tucked in there!

What do you think of the potion buffet???
I'm pretty happy with it. I have yet to take a picture of it that makes me happy, but I like the real deal!

Thanks for stopping in and sitting a spell!

~The J's. Did you see Jynx in the last picture???

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  1. Oh my gosh, it looks great! I love all of it... recycling bottles for your potions is perfect, you don't need to buy any special bottles at all to get a great look. This is a great display!

  2. JEN!!!


    I am so honored that you mentioned me in this post!! Thanks so much!!

    I absolutely LOVE what you did with your mantle!! So much fun!! I looks fantastic and I am so glad that my craziness gave you some inspiration!!

    Thanks again!! I will give you a shout out in my next post!!

    Many Hugs,

  3. Very cool! I love how that turned out! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party!

  4. Now that is impressive - creepy cool...... Rhonda



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