Friday, October 12, 2012

A breast cancer Halloween card

Many of the cards I make, I sell.
There are Gals from work that have learned they can ask for a card for most any occasion and I will "whip" something up.  I never would have thought it could have happened, but I love it!!!!
Thanks Girls!

Anyway, one of the "girls" that has bought cards in the past, asked if I had made or was going to make breast cancer cards. I told her I had plenty of thoughts in my head, but hadn't made them yet.
 (That is one of my goals for the weekend)

I came home that night and thought some more. 
The thoughts in my head are based off Cricut cuts.
All the Halloween stuff is EVERYWHERE around my house and I saw this stamp.
I put this card together.

The "Gal" that asked about the cards is a 24 year survivor!
That is AWESOME!!!!!!
I made this one FOR her.

I didn't expect she would cry when I gave it to her, but she did.
A good cry, but I hadn't thought about my card making her cry.

The stamp is one from a set by Inkadinkado that I picked up at TJ Maxx!!
The sentiment was computer generated.
The card base is a 5x7 base.
The rest was in "the stash."
The inside said Happy Halloween and I wrote her a note.

Have you made cards for those in your life affected by cancer?
Are you a breast cancer survivor? If so, this card is for you too!!!!
Are you a cancer survivor?? That is awesome!!! HUGS!!!

Speaking of cancer. (blech)
I haven't shared some exciting news with you.
I'm now a volunteer on the committee for our local Relay For Life event. I was asked to be the "Online Chair" If you ask me, that is a pretty boring way of saying the Social Media Chair.
I'm guessing this means you will be seeing Relay related posts and projects in the future!

Happy Weekend Blog friends!

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  1. That is such a nice card. I haven't made cards in awhile -- what an inspiration. I love it. Rhonda



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