Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A favor please. Let's help scare cancer away for this little boy!

Hey Everyone! I am asking for a few moments of your time to send a card to a 9 year old boy who is suffering from a recurrence of brain cancer. See the story and information below. His address is included to send him a card. His family needs this support as much as he does!

I do not know this little boy, but he's a  member of the Relay For Life family. That is close enough for me! This information was copied and pasted off facebook. The blog world is a great place and I know a number of you will drop a card in the mail for Seth!! Thanks so much! If you want to share  your card you can always share on our facebook page!!! You will find the address below! Let's give this family some HOPE!!!

Please help to brighten a little boy's day! Here's a request from another Relay event: Relay For Life of Western Berks (near Reading):

A local boy - 9-years-old was diagnosed with a brain tumor right after Relay this past June. He had the tumor removed but has now suffered a recurrence. He is scheduled for surgery aga

in on Halloween. We have set up a safe place for him to receive cards and we would LOVE to lift his spirits.


I am sure you can all imagine what this family is going through. And the outpouring of support from the community would be such a comfort to this boy! We are organizing a drive to send cards and well wishes to:

PO BOX 2355

Please re-post and let's get this thing all over facebook and stuff that post office box with cards before his surgery on 10/31!

HERE  is the link to my local Relay event. You can learn more about Relay For Life there!

Hugs and thanks!



  1. Will get a card for him tomorrow Jen..If you find out how his surgery went please let us know..Hugs

  2. Also..I like the new look at the top here Jen..Very pretty!!



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