Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday's yard sale treasures...

Monday is over, thank goodness for that! My yard sale adventures over the weekend were limited to one sale, but what a sale it was. It wasn't a sale for 'junk' or old stuff, but it was a way cool scrapbook sale. I did come home a few non crafting items, but the ad drew me in with that wonderful word SCRAPBOOKING!
Here are my finds! This first picture is JUST Stampin Up products! (keep that in mind for later)
In addition the SU stuff there were 6 sets of plastics drawers (3 different sizes), some packed, some not.
 All of the little plastic containers are full of embellishments. Lots of embossing powder too!
Two dowel rods full of ribbon and more embellishments. Not much paper. Apparently there were people at the sale an hour early.

I also picked up a few books! Check out the titles, you will see why!

A much younger looking Martha Stewart! I am looking forward to sitting down with some hot tea, my blanket and these books. I am NOT, however, rushing that time along. Cold weather will be here before we want it and I hope to enjoy the nice weather until then. Martha will have to wait, at least until a rainy day!

The last picture I have to share has an interesting mix.
The glass frogs were in one of the drawers. I did chuckle at the fact that I am not the only person to put things where they don't necessarily belong. In this instance though, I am not complaining. I like glass frogs and will gladly add them to my collection. We haven't given the glass the test to see if it is true depression glass, but either way it is pretty. and...the shoe...the shoe just sort of screamed at me and told me to bring it home. I did! I haven't completely decided what to do with the shoe, but I like it. I am working on how to dazzle it up for Christmas!
One sale yielded this interesting collection of things for less than $50. What would you do with the shoe? What is your favorite part of the collection?  Thanks for stopping by. Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Wow you really scored big time this weekend. I love that shoe. I'm thinking about different ideas. You could change it up for every season. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. My goodness Jen, you hit pay dirt! ALL that for about $50? I'd say you did GREAT. My favorite part is the plastic drawers. I don't know why, but there so darn cute. Your black table and chair set is just like mine!!!! I bet you will have a blast using all your new treasures! Can't wait to see what you do with the shoe. Have a fantastic rest of the week...



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