Saturday, September 3, 2011

Have you repurposed lately?

Hello Saturday morning of a long weekend!  Hi Everyone!  I do have some paper crafting projects that need loaded and blogged about. I PROMISE I HAVE BEEN DOING SOME!!! I have a handful of cards and last night I finished assembling the Happy Hauntings 3d house!!!

Anyway. I was checking out some blogs this morning. The newest blog I am following is Mamie Jane's! The link will take you to her repurposed projects! She has some amazing finds and even more amazing ideas. This is the latest she has posted. I'm a little sick because I passed one of these up recently.  The next one (if the price is right) will be coming home with me!
I took some pictures of stuff I have already repurposed so the before photos aren't available. Who knew I would actually follow through with my thought of blogging some day. Jim's Dad moved about a year ago and he was getting rid of a lot of stuff. He would look at me funny when I would tell him to "If you are just going to throw it away, put it in my pile."  One of those pieces headed for the curb was an old wooden baby gate. It had some charm to it and I just couldn't see tossing it.  I brought it home and walked around the house with it - checking out the available wall space. Well this is where it ended up and what it looks like now!
Some grapvine and some grapes = cute! Jim helped me hang it and this is where it rests!!! :)

This space was for the most part wasted space. This seemed like the perfect solution to give the space some dimension and some cuteness. Not sure what will go there when I tire of this, but we can worry about that another day!
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy this Labor Day Weekend! Have you repurposed lately?

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  1. What a great idea! You are one talented lady. Keep the posts coming, I love all the things you do...



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