Sunday, September 25, 2011

Create A Critter Cards and a summer recap

Hi Everyone! I thought I would do a post of all the cards I have made so far using the Create A Critter Cartridge.  Most of these were made before I started blogging so I do not have details on the sizes of the cuts. I am one to look for ideas more so than exact details so I thought I would share these in case anyone else is just looking for ideas.  Plus, I wanted to do a post that was paper crafting related since I have some other posts ready that are not papercraft related. I have some other projects going but they are in process...

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!
Here are two panda cards. The first one I made for Jim. He is usually the lucky recipient of my trial cuts! It works. I get to tell him I love him in some sort of fun or witty way and get to make a test run with a cut or cartridge! (Perhaps that is a blog post all its own!)

The other card was a request from a friend. She wanted a Panda card to give to her nephew!
This summer we made a "doggy bag" for Jim's Grandparents. It had some produce and some tomato sauce and some other odds and ends. It was during one of our hot spells this summer so it was a doggy bag to get them through "the dog days of summer"  (Gram LOVED it)
My nephew sent me a post card and it inspired me to make him a card. The post card had the same saying and the same critter. I learned from this card as it was the first time I had made a card like this.  I hopefully won't make those same mistakes next time and will be happier with the future results. While I was not 100% pleased with the card my nephew was quite happy with it, especially since the skunk was a camo skunk!

Earlier in the summer my family had a pig roast. I just had to cut out the pig and make a card for someone. Since my Mom had given us some flowers after the pig roast was over, she got the card as a thank you.
Two More! First is the birthday card I made for our friend Marie. The outside says Holy Cow and the inside says It's your birthday! I met her and her daughter for dinner one night.  Good food, good times. Love ya both!
And the last card I have to share is the dinosaur. RAWR means "I love you" in dinosaur. I made this card for our friend Nikki to give to her honey! They were both happy and I must say I was pretty tickled with how it turned out since it was my first attempt at an easel card.
The other card I made with Create A Critter was a frog and it can be seen here!
Thanks again for stopping by!  The Create a Critter cartridge is definitely a fun one. So many more cuts to explore and so little time. The title of this post was originally Create A Critter Cards, I think I am going to change it since this was a little recap on the summer too. Speaking of summer, it may be gone according to the calendar but it is GORGEOUS outside today. I am hitting publish and going to out to enjoy some of the sun before it goes away for a long winter's nap...
Til next time

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  1. CUTE cards my friend. Create A Critter is a very cute cartridge. I enjoy seeing your creations! I also love seeing the neat ways you turn "junk" into useful items... keep up the good work and have a great week.



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