Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caught acting like a cat!

Hi Everyone! This is Jynx! I have to share with you what happened the other day. I am still embarrassed by it but what am I to do? So the humans FINALLY  left clothes in the clothes basket and left the basket on the couch! Everyone knows a basket full of clothes is a great place for a cat nap! I apparently napped too long because I was caught in the act. Not only was I caught acting like a cat, the male human captured my picture.

You see I don't act like a cat for extended periods of time. Just about the time the humans seem they are enjoying themselves I jump down and run away. If only I had heard him come through the door...
The female human thought she was going to put those towels away the next day. I showed her who was boss! She picked that top one up and headed for the linen closet. When she came back for the others I was already back in the basket assuming the nap position. I wasn't letting this cozy nap space go away so easily. It did go away after a couple days but I am hopeful the opportunity will present itself again soon.

Off to find a new place to nap.....Jynx

1 comment:

  1. Cute story, brought a smile to my face the way you told it like the cat was talking. lol



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