Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Natalie!

Our neighbor Natalie turned 6 yesterday! For her birthday we made her a book about the plants in our garden. Natalie loves coming over and learning the names of the different plants/flowers (and helping out in the garden). She can tell you the names of some of the plants on her own and there are others that if you give her a hint she can finish the name! Naturally, all the flowers are beautiful to her! We went for a walk up the street one night and she was naming the plants in someone else's garden. That was pretty cool!
Since she is so curious and at an age where she can soak in all sorts of information, we made her a book. We may have some studying of our own to do over the winter as we included the latin names in addition to the common names of the plants. :)
It wasn't until I started uploading photos for this post that I realized we didn't get a picture of the outside of the book. The book was an 8x8 scrapbook with top loading sleeves. It had a ribbon and button closure.  I hot glued a big fabric flower to the original button. It was cute, you will have to trust me!  We aren't sharing the whole book because that would be a pretty photo heavy blog post! Here is a peek into Natalie's gift! The inside cover page...
The letter that follows the title page...
A few of the pages from the book. Bee Balm
Ice Plant
A page for Natalie to collect her thoughts
If you look closely on the right edge of this photo, you can see part of the flower and a tiny part of the stripes that are on the cover of the scrapbook.
Natalie's favorite, favorite, favorite would be the pink roses--especially when the petals are all over the ground. It is a sight too cute for words. I found this picture last night after Natalie was disappointed there wasn't a picture of the pink roses in the book (there is one empty photo space for the picture though). I didn't think we had any pictures of the roses and once I dug a little deeper I found one. We will be printing this picture and giving it to Natalie to fill in the last photo sleeve!!!
One last picture, of the birthday girl herself! There were several silly, yet cute pictures taken this day, but since I don't want her to hate me forever when she gets older I chose the one I know she likes.
xoxo Jim and Jen

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed Natalie's book!

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