Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day of Many Things....

Today is a day of many things. 9/11. Grandparents Day. Patriots Day. The 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Steeler Sunday. I started the day by watching some of the ceremony in NYC. I know exactly where I was 10 years ago today. Not only do I know where I was, I remember being even more scared because once the air traffic was halted that left my father half way across the country.
In the months and years immediately following 9/11 I would meet some people that were directly affected by the tragedy. People that lost more than one loved one, friend or family member. People that went to Ground Zero to help. Thank you to everyone that needs thanked and prayers to everyone that needs a prayer. I will never forget.

Today is also Grandparents Day.  I had the pleasure of working on a couple Grandparent's Day projects this week with our girlfriend Steph.  We made two calendars and an explosion box.  The explosion box was my first attempt.  I am definitely in love with the concept and will be making some more!
The box had three layers. One 12x12 square, one 11x11square, and one 10x10 square. The lid was made from an 8x8 square. I wish I could tell you more about the paper and embellishments, but I can't.  They were in the stash.

The 12x12 scored at 4 inches with the corners cut out. I think double sided paper/cardstock would've worked better, but this turned out just fine. (see the Steelers pencil? GO STEELERS!)

The 11x11 square scored at 3 3/4 inches and the corners cut out. I can tell you about this paper. It is from the DCWV All About Boys stack.

The 10x10 square scored at 3 1/2 inches with the corners cut out. This paper is also from the All About Boys Stack. (Yep! Go Steelers!)

The 8x8 square used for the lid. It was already embossed and is definitely from the stash. I am pretty sure this was in one of my great yard sale purchases this summer! This one is scored 2 inches from each edge, leaving a 4 inch section down the center. I would score it and turn the sheet of paper so I would be less likely to screw it up! The corners do not get cut out of the lid. (One last time, GO STEELERS!) I can't give credit to any one place for the help with the box measurements. I looked around and then 'winged it'

The glue I used to glue the lid together. A little definitely seemed to go a long way!

The lid all glued together!

The inside. The blue squares lift up to reveal additional photos. You could definitely make some places to hide tags etc. So many options with this project!!!

The lid decorated and the whole thing put together. LOVE IT! The ribbon is from the Stampin' Up Beachfront collection. The tag and other embellishments were in one of many drawers.

Another view... I think it turned out pretty well. Steph and I didn't get the projects completed when she was here. I finished them up yesterday morning and we dropped them off to her. She was quite happy! They also seemed to be a hit with the other people in her office too!
I am not including photos of the calendars but they turned out cute too!

Happy Grandparent's Day Grandma, Grandma and Gigi!!! Love Brenden!!!!!

Happy Grandparent's Day to all of our Grandparents too.  We love each of you bunches!!! xoxo
(oh and despite the loss, we love our Steelers too!!)

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  1. I love your explosion box. Never really knew how they were made. Your instructions are wonderful and it turned out great...Thank you for the great comment you left me about my Halloween card, that was super. Have a wonderful day! Dawn

  2. Hey loving the new layout. Looks good.



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