Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Elfin Christmas Centerpiece

Hi Everyone! It is December 1st. That means it is officially all things Christmas around here! It has been about Christmas for a little while now, but I have refrained from sharing it here on the blog!!!

Today I am sharing a super simple centerpiece! You may or may not know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE elves! When the centerpiece from last year wasn't acceptable due to the Christmas tree being in the dining room this year, it was operation "new centerpiece" without buying anything new!!! Half the fun right??? I knew I wanted one of my elves in the centerpiece. I had a bunch of ornaments leftover because I didn't display them this year like I did last. Hmm....elf...check....ornaments...check. What to put them in?? Upstairs I went, and I found a bowl!!! Something to put them in...check.

The bowl.
The elf and some pine.
The ornaments.
One happy elf!

He really is one happy elf!
Nothing is permanent.
After Christmas, the ornaments will go back in their boxes, the pine in the box with the other pine, elf in the elf box, the bowl will go back into 'inventory' and the candle and candle holder will find a new home elsewhere.
I'm one happy elfin' Mama!

Whatcha think?
Is it operation Christmas mode at your house?
(today's grocery store run got us a good start on the supplies for all the confectionary madness that takes place around here this time of year!!!)

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  1. What a fun and happy centerpiece Jen..Is that an Anna Lee elf?? I love his big happy smile!! How could anyone look at him and not smile back? I got an Anna Lee Christmas mouse holding a big candy cane at an indoor yard sale on Friday..Cost me all of $.25..I'm thinking he would look equally cute in an arrangement like yours..Thanks for the inspiration girlfriend!! Oh..and I am kinda just getting started with the

  2. Love Elfie in the bowl! Yes, I have started in my Christmas mode, but only baby steps. The cookin' and cleanin' will start next week. I have to throw a Birthday Party in there somewhere for my Daughter. She would never forgive me if I forget!

    1. You hadn't better forget!!!! Baby steps are good. I have my list for cookies and candy ready. That is what we gift (along with our canned stuff) so we go all out! I should probably get started!!!! Hugs!



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