Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Are there certain places near you that are tradition-like places? We have this place called Kraynak's. They have a section of their store space that is transformed into a holiday wonder at Easter time and again at Christmas. Easter Bunny Lane and Santa's Christmasland.

There is this "lane" you walk down and it is all decorated for the holiday. The trees are numbered. Santa is at the end for pictures and then EVERYTHING you just walked is on display for sale once you reach the end.

Here are some pictures from this year! I'm not going to say anything about them, just enjoy the fun for a few minutes!!!

The Grinch, it is one of my favorites this year!

SOOOOOO? Is there anywhere like this near you? If you are coming to Western PA, here is Kraynak's Website!! Hugs!!! ~Jen


  1. Oh my gosh Jen..That is just amazing..and all of it is for sale?? I wish you weren't so far from me..I would love to see this..No..We don't have anything like this in our area!!I am planning on driving up to Lakemont Park in Altoona this year for their "Lights on The Lake" display..They set up lights all through the amusement park and you get to drive through in your warm car and enjoy them..then at the end they have a little shop where you can have hot coco and buy things..Been wanting to go there for years..Hugs!!

  2. Jen! Amazing!! No unfortunately there is no where like that near us...




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