Saturday, December 8, 2012

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Many of you know that we have been decorated for Christmas for awhile now. I wanted to wait until December got here to share all this Christmas with you. I am not sharing any of the 'finished projects' in this post. The title says it all. I am sharing the photos of what our home looked like as it started looking like Christmas.

There are many words that come to mind when I look at these photos, is all part of the Christmas fun!

The dining room BEFORE the madness!
Last Christmas there was a church pew in front of those windows on the left side of the picture...

Now lets head upstairs...

This would be the Christmas section. Yes, I said section. HA!
The upstairs is still waiting to be a work in progress and that is how I explain the missing floorboards!
(those boards were removed when the house was rewired)
How about the creepy Santa?? I picked him up at a yard sale this summer.
He wasn't for me. He was for our friend Steph, the one that finds my elves really creepy!
Oh, by the way, her son LOVES this Santa. he he he!

A closer look.

YES! The trunk is full too! 
The trunk has been in my family forever. There is a number on the leather.
It is a neat old trunk. It served as a table in my apartment that I had before we moved into this house.
The trunk holds pieces like the nativity scene, the ceramic tree, and other odds and ends.

I picked up this box of bottle brush and other assorted trees at a sale this summer.
Sometimes getting the decorations out is like a little miniature Christmas.
I tend to forget about the pieces I have picked up here and there since the decorations were packed away.

Ok, are you ready for it???

There WAS ONCE a table in this room. Promise!

Ready and waiting in the kitchen...

Ready and waiting in the living room...

Another look at the dining room.
Oh my!
Looking at these pictures, I am thankful it is done!!!
Does your house get 'trashed' before it is holiday beautiful???

Have a great day everyone!
hugs ~Jen


  1. Well....I feel lots better now! LOL! Hi you guys!!!! How are you? Busy I see with the decorating...I spent several days on my mantel alone. I'll be lucky if I even get a tree up. I want to do one of those book trees...have you seen them??? Perfect for me the book lover! I'll probably put it in my blog soon. I can't wait to see what you do with all those Christmas decorations! Do you have to remove your other things to make room? I've been playing the music too which gets me in the spirit! You are so right about the decorations being a gift all over again. I'm like that when I's like an archaelogical "dig"....I uncover things I forgot I had! LOL! I've missed being over here and hopefully I will be more regular about visiting...time just slips away from me and of course the older I get the slower I get. When I was young like you I had energy to burn...that's the only part of getting older I really mind...running out of steam constantly. Happy Holidays! I'll be back tomorrow! LOL! I can't wait to see what you do! Hugs!

  2. Yes house looks like a tornado hit also..hopefully it will all be in order soon..I agree with Sam I Am..The older I get the slower I get & the faster I run out of

  3. Okay, Jen, I am dying to see the finished project!! LOL!

    Trashed is not the word for what happens in my house with decorating and putting up 19 trees!!

    I saw you stopped by, did you take the whole Christmas House Tour which is now posted on my Christmas blog?
    If not, drop by when you find some time...



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