Tuesday, November 20, 2012


If you read the POST about my two 35 pound boxes full of family recipes, you know I want to have some discussion.

We did have discussion on our Facebook page. Now it is time for discussion here, and then a decision on our part. (UGH)

We have been blessed with so many family treasures, recipes, heirlooms, photos, knick knacks, etc. etc.  These two boxes of recipes were the icing on the cake.

I want to do a regular post or two about these treasures. I was originally thinking just the recipes, and then my Aunt mentioned all of the other treasures we have (like Grandma's china cabinet that I still haven't shared with you...it is now waiting for a post name before it is willing to be shared) SOOOOOOO....
Do we come up with ONE name that encompasses ALL of the treasures, recipes included

Do we come up with TWO names, one for recipes and one for treasures?

That is the first question to be answered.
The second question is "What should this series of posts be called?"
I am also hoping that this will help me blog on a regular basis, you will be guaranteed at least one (or two, depending) blog posts a week from us!

Here is what we came up with on Facebook.
Please offer your opinion on the ones below and/or offer a new suggestion!

1. Monday's Love From Grandma
2. Friday's Family Reflection
3. Revolving Recipes
(this one we wouldn't be committed to a certain day of the week, just whenever it happens)
4. Wooden Spoons, Recipes, and China Cabinets
5. Wisdom from wooden spoons, recipes and china cabinets
6. Wooden Spoon Wednesday
7. Memorable Munchie Monday
8. Remember The Times Tuesday
9. Times to Remember Thursday
10. Flashback Food Friday
11. A pot full of golden memories...A food lovers walk down memory lane
12. Moonpie Magic and Other classic tales of food gone by

Alright.....what are your thoughts??????????

Thanks everyone!


  1. You could just call it Grandma's Treasures, but I'm loving #12! It pretty much says it all!

  2. Grandma's Grub-Made With Love In The Hills Of Pennsylvania..Just a thought Jen..You have some other good suggestions too..



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