Friday, February 17, 2012

10 cards for a Chinese Auction

Happy Friday (or whatever day of the week it is when you read this) Everyone!!! The sun is shining and it is very spring looking outside! Jynx found herself a sunny spot in the bedroom and take a nap in the sun!  Lucky little fluffkin!!!

I mentioned awhile back a friend and coworker has been diagnosed with colon cancer. A group of people have pulled together to have a benefit spaghetti dinner this weekend with a Chinese Auction and a Silent Auction. I made a card basket for the Chinese Auction.

There are a couple Cricut Cuts and a lot of K&Company die cuts!!!!  Let's take a look!!!

the inside of the Bingo card

the inside of the best friends card

All 10 cards

I needed a basket. Sister #5 had given me this chicken feeder for my kitchen.
It was sitting on my church pew and I needed a basket of some sort. 
The chicken feeder looked like it would get the job done.
I'm sure hoping she won't mind since it is for a good cause. (Sister #5 is a coworker also)

Now, I obviously have some things to learn about wrapping these things up, but it gets the job done.
I attached a piece of paper listing what is inside and some contact information.
Now we have a 'basket' o'cards ready for auction.

Everything I have read or heard is leaning toward the fact the show of support is going to be amazing this weekend! Not sure if she will read this, but Brandi we love you and you have a bigger support group than you  could have imagined Buddy!!!!!! {hugs and prayers}

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Please leave some kind words either about the cards or for Brandi.
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Jim, Jen and very warm from napping in the sun Jynx!


  1. WOW, you've been a busy bee!!!! I'm sure this will be a good price at the auction. Hope you guys make alot of money for your friend... Hugs, Dawn

  2. are so good at card making..I do enjoy seeing them all..Good luck with the dinner and auctions...If I lived closer I would drive there to bid and enjoy the meal..Hugs and prayers to kitties are enjoying the sunshine through the windows too..

  3. Your sure are a busy beaver. Your cards are just beautiful. I love the one with the butterfly on the top corner. Good luck with the auction. Thanks for sharing your creative inspirations over at Sunday's Best.



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