Sunday, July 29, 2012

Have you repurposed lately?

It has been a awhile since a repurposed post. This one is fun! If you have been here to see pics of our living room, you know there is a ladder in the corner. It can be seen here  and apparently I haven't blogged about it as much as I thought I have. :(

Anywho! Jim's Mom gave me this wooden ladder (the other part to it is in her kitchen as her pot rack!!!) when I moved into an apartment not long after Jim and I started dating. The ladder sat in the corner there and held my "girls" -- my raggedies. The girls can be seen below.

This would have been our first fall in the house.

Valentine's Day.

A general purpose look.

I must not have liked the set up of much of anything in this room...

because this was the same year. :)


Thanksgiving last year

Christmas last year.
It is a fun piece to decorate!! Do you have an item that you use for seasonal decorations??

Well. We have shuffled furniture around to make room for my Grandma's china cabinet. It all started with moving the church pew out of the dining room. It is odd to me how moving one piece of furniture has made changes in three rooms, actually four. The dining room will be another post once the china cabinet is here and I can tell a full story. pew out - now sitting in garage because it is 11 feet long. Church pew for sale. China cabinet shuffle -- move one to different spot in dining room and move a friend's to the living room  (full story revealed with dining room post). China cabinet in living room displaces ladder in corner. 
Where to put ladder??
Are you tired yet just thinking about it?

Entering stage right...the bathroom!

The bathroom is a room that has given me fits. We thought white would be great since the space is 
sooooooooooooooo small! It looked great. It was crisp and clean, but at the same time, the crisp and clean was, well, sterile and lifeless compared to the rest of house and our personalities. I had thoughts, but it was one of those spaces that didn't excite me. Jim did build me a shelf that fit behind the door, but that didn't lead to anything else. Still boring and lifeless.

Entering stage right...the homeless ladder!
We talked about where to put the ladder and we both suggested the bathroom. 
We had two different ideas, but this is the one we decided on.

Yep!! The ladder is repurposed to the bathroom.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
It makes all the difference in the bathroom too! It isn't lifeless and boring anymore!!!! 

Well what to do with a ladder on the wall in the bathroom???
I'm glad you asked!

 Crows and clear glass bottles.
All things that were under the church pew. 
Don't judge, but yes!!!! I had baskets full o'stuff under the 11 foot church pew!!

Now that the bathroom was gaining life, the other blank spaces are REALLY blank.
I love when a plan comes together. The washboard was sitting behind some stuff in the kitchen VERY MUCH UNDERUTILIZED!!! The wreath was hanging over a doorway in the living room.
I knew the wreath needed to move to the bathroom, but it was definitely odd looking on that wall all by its lonesome. I saw the washboard when I fed Jynx this morning. As soon as I saw it I knew where it was going. Just needed to figure out how. It was pretty much the first thing Jim did after getting up!!! he he.

Those white curtain things HAD TO GO!!!!! They looked RIDICULOUS with all this cutsie stuff.
My favorite little LOCAL country type store didn't let me down.

A burlap looking valance!! YAY! 
I am so in love with my bathroom right now.
There are more changes to come. We are going to repaint the whole thing a dirty white or something along those lines. The bright white needs to go now. There are also some other spaces that need to feel the love.

I now have some empty spaces in the living room and the bedroom that need some love.
Things were moved to go on the ladder and go here or there. Redecorating the house and not spending hardly anything. So far the only thing that was purchased recently is the valance. Even the hooks we hung the ladder with were downstairs in Jim's inventory. :)

What do you think? Would you have thought or been brave enough to hang a ladder on the wall like this??

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  1. Love, love, love the burlap valance. The ladder is awesome in there.

  2. Great great great! I love upcyling things too - your newest follower!

  3. Really loving the burlap valance, and I also think the ladder looks right at home next to the valance. Its funny I was playing around with ladders today, never decided on where to put, so it's still sitting there! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

  4. Oh got it goin' on now! Have you ever thought of pale yellow? It makes things warm without making it seem smaller and it goes with everything.
    I saw the ladder idea on Inspired by Charm so your idea is up there with THE most Pinterested blog! You go Girl & Guy!
    What is it when you move one thing the whole house ends up getting involved! Same here! It all looks great and I love the valance too. Just darling!

  5. Very nice. I love seeing it sideways. Makes as cute a shelf and display horizontally as it did vertically. Good thinking!

  6. The ladder looks awesome there!! I love it's horizontal placement. It does so much for it's personality in the room. Have you ever tried painting in a really light grey? It adds color to a room without darkening it. I also have a ladder I love. I may try hanging it horizontal to see what it does. Thanks so much for linking up with Making Space Mondays! Please come back and link up again soon--the current linky party will be open all through September to give us more moving time. Feel free to link up as many posts as you want about making your spaces better. Thanks again. -Tabitha



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