Saturday, July 28, 2012

How do your tomatoes grow?

Ours grow big and dusty rose!

As in the form of a Cherokee Purple tomato.

This one weighed ONE pound 11 ounces.

That is Jim's hand.

The Cherokee Purple tomato is said to have originated with the Cherokee Indians.

Jim sliced this baby up and gave it an egg bath and then coated it in bread crumbs.
He heated a pan and some oil and fried them up.
They were topped with fresh basil from the garden and fresh shredded parm.

There is no picture of the fried goodness, but I can assure you, they looked pretty and they tasted even better!!! They were super sweet and full of flavor.

Here is a peek at some squash, our first cucumber and another Cherokee Purple.
When I walk away from the computer I am going to start the process for a squash relish.
I also need to look at some recipes for green tomatoes. Some of our plants have been hit with leaf spot and possibly blight. /sigh

I am also hoping to sit in front of the computer a little later and do a couple posts that I can set to automatically post! Lots to share!!!!!

How are you? How do you like your tomatoes?

1 comment:

  1. That is one gorgeous tomato! A lot of people here are part Cherokee as the Trail of Tears went right through here but I haven't seen any Cherokee tomatoes here. I'll have to try them when I get my next place up North.
    Your veggies all look great and Jim's cooking up those tomatoes had me drooling on my keyboard! LOL! Good luck with the relish!



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