Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome Fall!

 Hey Everyone! I thought it was time to get the sunflower stuff out. Well, some things just didn't look right and I didn't have solutions for others. So, one thing led to another and all the "fall totes" came downstairs. The mantel is done! I wish I could say the same for the rest of the house, but it is a process for me. I don't mind too much that it takes a couple days to get it all done. Those couple days are the couple days a month you hope your Mom doesn't stop by because the house is trashed a creative mess. Still working out the details for what will go IN the fireplace, but the mantel is now welcoming fall. I am pretty pleased with it. I will share pictures of the progress in other parts of the house as it happens.

Here's the 'blank canvas!' WOW! It looks so weird this way!

 I asked Jim to build me a couple cubes. Before he could get them all built I changed what I wanted them for. Production is stopped at one for now, but I'm pretty sure we'll be getting some more of these cubes, boxes, crates, whatever you want to call them, in the future.  The best part? FREE!! Made from pallet wood!

 I'm calling this side the top. Pretty cute huh? Maybe I'm just weird in what I find cute.
Check out this bear!!!! Isn't he sweet? My friend Geri over at Sister #5 Designs picked this guy up for my birthday! She got him at a yard sale. Yard sales are perfect for treasure hunting. I love him! He's made out of someone's old quilt. How sweet! I hope Patches can be a boy's name because I think that is what I am going to call him.  Thanks so much Geri! He's perfect!!!!
 Here's the end result! Isn't the scarecrow cute sitting on that box? Kinda like a hay bale??? I'm going with it!

The star on a stick in the middle of the mantel and the crow on a stick to the right of the mirror are both things Jim made. Both were made out of things already in the shop! I'm pretty sure more stars and crows will be popping up around the house!!!

The whole picture! I'm quite happy with it!!! 

 A different angle. The barrel is something I purchased from Geri at the consignment shop where she has a space! Until yesterday, this was is in the dining room. I love being able to change our look just by moving pieces around. A new look doesn't require shopping, just shuffle things around. I do it often and love how just a couple changes can change the look of the piece and of the room.
The wheel is a family heirloom and the rocking chair was given to me by Mom!

A couple more pics!

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment and let me know you were here. Follow the different links above and give Geri a shout out too! Happy Fall Ya'll!!!!!  ~Jen

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  1. Hi new bloggy friend! Wonderful pictures! I love your home too. Fall is my favorite time of year and my favorite time to decorate. You've done an amazing job...

  2. Love it all Jen. The teddy bear looks great. It was screaming your name when I found it. I love the new spot for the barrel too. Looks good my friend!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Of course now I'm freaking out because I am looking at this from a different computer and the pictures aren't lined up the way they were on my home computer. I was gonna mess with it, but I will wait and check it again this evening. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping!!!!!

  4. Jen and Jim you guys are so creative. I love the way you decorate. Your pictures are awesome.

  5. Hi Jen,
    Love your fall mantel! The lights are such a great addition...really beautiful!



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